How Google Drive works [Complete Tutorial]

How Google Drive works.Learn how to use Google Drive, a cloud storage tool with a variety of productivity apps. use this tool.We have created a tutorial for beginners, so you know how to use Google Drive,  where you can see all the features and functions.

Benefits of using Google Drive/How Google Drive works

The service has many positive aspects that stand out from the rest of the cloud storage.

Easy and secure access to content

Files and folders in Google Drive are stored on the server and shared with other users. Functionality has been developed for setting up sharing for editing documents from a computer or smartphone.

Integration with apps and tools

The platform is fully integrated with Google applications. You don’t need to convert the format to work with Microsoft Office files. The service supports over 100 file types, including common PDF, CAD, and others.

Cloud Compatibility

Documents located on the server are available to users from any Google application. Data works in conjunction with Presentations, Documents and Sheets . Access to materials is opened from Google Drive: on other platforms, they will become available automatically.

Fast problem solving

Work tasks are solved quickly thanks to the introduction of convenient functionality. The service supports high search speed through a special line.

Compatible with any device

Google Drive works on any platform, making it easy for users to access – you can work with files on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

How much space is provided

After registering with Google mail, users get access to the data storage and a fixed volume of 15 GB. An increase in storage capacity is available at a paid plan – 100 GB, 200 GB, the maximum data storage capacity is 30 TB.

What you can use Google Drive for

The platform stores custom files: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, etc. It is a convenient platform for editing and collaborating on text and graphic materials.

Business use

For business, Google offers a special Business Standard tariff . The benefits of this package are:

  • availability of protected corporate mail;
  • organizing a video conference for 150 users simultaneously with subsequent recording;
  • extended cloud storage, the data volume is 2 TB for the user;
  • enhanced security and advanced management features.

How to create a Google Drive/How Google Drive works

The server works in two formats: on a computer or on a smartphone.

On the computer

To create a cloud storage, register a mailbox with Google. You will be taken to Google Drive if you click on the box in the upper right corner and select “Drive”.

After that, Google will prompt you to install the drive on your computer. You can also work with the server from a browser without downloading.

On the phone

To create a personal account on your phone or tablet, download the application from the App Store or Play Market. Once downloaded, the app will automatically suggest a merge with your Google account.

After entering your username and password, you will be logged into the account where your files are stored. Each file is editable. Changes are instantly displayed on all devices. The main condition for synchronous work is the availability of a working Internet.

How to use Google Drive

After opening Google Drive in the desktop version, all stored files and a search bar appear.

Search allows you to quickly find documents by title. This is convenient if the user stores a large amount of information in one place.

On the left there is a “Create” button for uploading files. In the mobile version, when you click on the colored “+”, a similar menu will appear. It presents the following features.

The service interface is clear and accessible for beginners, as signatures and instructions help you quickly understand the functionality.

How to create a folder on Google Drive

To create a folder, select the “New” section and click on “Folder”. In the window that opens, come up with a name for the new folder. Then you can add existing files to it or create new ones.

How to upload a file to Google Drive

To place files in the repository, select the “New” menu and then “Upload files”. Select the required document and click “Open”. So the file gets into the workspace and becomes available for editing.

How to set up sharing

To organize joint work on a project, select the required file and right-click to go to the “Share” section. In the box, enter the email addresses of those users who need to edit the document. Then copy the link and send to users to login.


Among programs with similar functionality, there are:

  • Disk;
  • OneDrive;
  • Amazon Drive;
  • Cloud

They are united by a similar function – storing and editing data collected in one place.


Google Drive is a reliable and popular way to store information. The functionality provides a quick search for the files you need and sharing. This makes work easier, allowing you to collect all the necessary data on one site.

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