The Montreal app Shakepay, for iOS and Android, allows us to buy and sell, commission-free, cryptocurrency, whether Bitcoins or Ethereum. It also stands out by giving us free Bitcoin shards if we shake our smartphone once a day.

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic and more and more people are starting to take an interest in virtual currencies.

It’s a fairly complex universe and for the vast majority it seems unattainable. Especially when you look at the value of a single Bitcoin which goes into the thousands of dollars.

I would like to point out at the end of the curtain, I am far from being an expert in the field, I am not a financial advisor and I have my doubts about existing virtual currencies . These are highly volatile and involve risk. So you have to be careful and / or have a strong back.

That said, there is indeed a simple way to get and sell Bitcoin or Etherum as demonstrated by the Montreal app Shakepay.

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Buying and Selling Free Bitcoin or Etherum and Satochi

The way Shakepay finances itself is simple. They buy Bitcoin and Ehterum when the price is low and resell them when the price goes up and it is bought from them on the app.

The selling price is also slightly higher than in the market, around 1.75%. This is why the value of the cryptocurrency displayed on their app is a little higher than in the real market.

However, this strategy ensures that one does not pay a commission like other platforms which can charge from $ 5 to $ 15 per transaction.

Transactions are quick and easy, as we make an Interac transfer whether it’s for the purchase or when we sell and withdraw our money.

On the other hand, note that we must declare to taxes the capital gains that we make on the sale of our cryptocurrency.

Where the app stands out and sparks people’s curiosity is that it literally gives out Bitcoins when we shake our phone once a day.

By shaking our phone, the ShakePay app gives us free Satoshis.

More specifically, it is Satoshi, or fragments of Bitcoins that are worth a few pennies.

If we shake our phone once a day, every day, the amount of free Satoshis increases.

Obviously, the point behind all of this is to encourage us to come back, see the prices of Bitcoin and Etherum, and then hope that we buy some.

We recruit a user, we get $ 10 free each

Not only does ShakePay give away free Bitcoins, but they are even more aggressive in the recruiting strategy. They also give $ 10 to someone who recruits a member and another $ 10 to whoever signs up.

To obtain this free $ 10, the person, whom we recruit via our referral link, must deposit $ 100 in the application.

Once done, a few hours later we receive our $ 10 each which we can use to buy Bitcoins or Etherum.

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