How to translate written text into print

Sometimes you have to take notes by hand and then retype. But technology has come up with a way out even with this situation. You just need to have a handwriting of average readability, a smartphone and one of five handwriting programs from our list. We will teach you what to do next.

Using Windows 10 (ink)

Owners of neat handwriting do not need to download third-party applications. All you need to do is enable handwriting on your Windows 10.

You just need to have a device with touch input on Win10 – it can be a laptop , a monitor (like the same ASUS VT229H ) or a tablet . Then you should follow the instructions.

  1. Add an icon for the pen input mode – then you can write anywhere on the screen
    To do this, right-click (RMB) on the arrow in the icon menu. Then select the item “Show Windows Ink Workspace button”.
  2. Find programs for entering text
    Open pre-downloaded Word or OneNote and touch the input field with the stylus. Now you can write.
  3. Convert text to print 
    Go to the menu of the desired application (located at the top), click on “Toolbox” and select “Text”.

There is also an alternative means of entering handwriting text – via tablet mode. To enable it, you need to click on the keyboard icon in the icon menu. Next, you need to make a choice between the on-screen keyboard and handwriting input. Choosing the “manual mode”, you will have to enter the text in a special window, but it will immediately translate into a printed one.

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MetaMoJi Note

A note-taking program for iOS and Android . In addition to translating written text into printed text, you can create notes in MetaMoji. In addition, voice notes are also added to the application: you do not need to register information manually.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Turn on the built-in voice recorder that will record an important lecture
  2. If necessary, take written notes – they will be synchronized in time with the audio recording.

After that, including the “Play” button, annotations will be pulled up to the desired moment of recording.

Manual input mode is available by default. For this you need:

  1. Open document.
  2. Tap on the virtual sheet, thereby hiding the keyboard.
  3. You can write by entering text manually or by copying pictures.
  4. In the PC version of MetaMoji Note Lite, to start converting manual input, you need to press the “Text” button and start writing text in the window that appears.

You can share files through three cloud services:

  • Dropbox, which syncs with Slack, Trello, Photoshop, and the Office line .
  • Evernote is a note-taking application.
  • Google Drive is a cloud storage for Google mail owners.

If desired, you can synchronize all folders with the built-in MetaMoJi cloud. True, only the first 2 GB are free here. Then you will have to pay for online storage.

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GoodNotes 5

An advanced version of the original Notes app for iPad . You can download it in the AppStore, paying $ 7.99 – this application is only for the Apple ecosystem. Owners of android phones cannot use this program.

Continuous vertical scrolling allows you to quickly record any amount of information. The program instantly converts written text to print and changes the font – then it can be copied anywhere.

Also, the program will appeal to those who need to regularly draw simple shapes. Turning on shape recognition, the program “reads” what the person wanted to draw and translates the drawing into the correct geometric shape: from a circle with a square to hearts and stars.

You can find any note through the built-in search, so the necessary thoughts will not get lost, even if you write 10 texts a day. And thanks to the iCloud connection, the data is synchronized with the Apple cloud, so you can start working with your tablet and finish with your phone, and vice versa.

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Pen to Print for Android and iOS

Suitable for those who are used to working with paper, in order to then translate the written text into printed text. You can download it on Google Play and the App Store. True, you need to be prepared for a limited number of functions in the free version – you can only scan the text and copy it line by line into other programs.

This text scanner is able to work with books and manuscripts. It is enough to focus on the sheet with information and take a photo of it inside the application.

It is important that when photographing indoors it is light and the text is legible. Otherwise, you will have to correct the mistakes made by artificial intelligence yourself.

In the free version, you can only scan and edit text. You can save the finished result directly in the application and send it by mail only after subscribing.

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Google Handwriting Input

Android application that expertly deciphers handwritten text of average to poor readability. You can find it only on Google Play – it cannot be installed on iOS. Next, you need to run the program and then it will appear as a separate keyboard, which can be changed in the settings. Find the application in the following path: Settings → “Language and input” → “Handwriting settings”. Alternatively, you can hold down the button with the globe and select the desired keyboard.

Then you can start writing down your thoughts with a stylus or fingers. The app recognizes punctuation marks, symbols and some emojis.

It’s difficult to call it a separate program – rather, it is an extension to the traditional Android keyboard. Therefore, such a program is not suitable for owners of Huawei phones , you cannot install Google applications on them.

With the usual portrait recommendation, you will only be able to write single words. If you want to record sentences right away, you will have to turn on the landscape orientation of the screen and turn the device over. This will adjust the Input Panel to fit the screen and create even more space for your manuscripts.

To understand which app is the best in a particular case, you should compare them side-by-side in the final table:

Peculiarities Program  
Windows 10 solution MetaMoJi Note GoodNotes 5 Google Handwriting Input Pen to Print
System Win 10 iOS, Android, Win 10, Kindle iOS Android Android, iOS
Converting text that is typed Yes No
Converting scans No, but you can insert photos in Word and Onenote No, but you can insert photos and scans by making notes No Yes
Audio notes Yes, in Word and Onenote Yes No
Adding third-party media to notes
Price Part of the system $ 7.99 Is free

Considering the fact that pieces of paper are constantly lost, the electronic document remains on the cloud until it is deleted. These handwriting to print translation software will save you time and hassle. Use it and don’t thank!

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