How to request SPID

Find out what SPID is, how to get it and how the Digital Identity System works. Which identity provider to choose to have it and if it is free or paid.

If you are wondering what SPID is, know that it is an acronym that stands for Public System of Digital Identity and is used to access the online services of the Public Administration, 18app, state cashback and much more. To request SPID – which consists of a username and password – you must contact an Identity provider.

Your Digital Identity takes the name of SPID and allows you to access the online services of the Public Administration and private adhering entities. SPID (Public Digital Identity System) consists of a user name (username) + a password. To get it you won’t have to pay anything, the SPID is free, but if you request recognition via webcam you may have to pay.

SPID can be requested by all Italian citizens – or those with a residence permit – residing in Italy or abroad. SPID credentials can be requested from the age of 18, not earlier.

  1. What is SPID
  2. Where can you use SPID
  3. SPID how to get it: documents
  4. How to request SPID: what to do
  5. SPID: which identity provider to choose
  6. Where to do SPID
    1. SPID FAQ: the answers to the most frequently asked questions

What is SPID

The SPID (Public Digital Identity System) is the authentication system that allows citizens and businesses to access the online services of the public administration and private members with a digital identity consisting of credentials (username and password).

The SPID is therefore your digital identity.

Where can you use SPID

The services enabled through Spid are different. By logging in, you can conveniently access online services such as registry office, electronic invoicing, INPS services, electronic health records , surveys, data control and consultation and many others. Among many, SPID can be used for:

  • join the cashback;
  • enrolling children in school;
  • request the 18app culture bonus ;
  • access the teacher’s card;
  • access pagoPA ;
  • access the INPS services;
  • book medical examinations;
  • access the public Wi-Fi network;
  • activate government bonuses (e.g. holiday bonuses).

As per the list, SPID is also needed to access the IO App to participate in the State cashback: read the complete guide to cashback here .

SPID how to get it: documents

If you are wondering what documents you need to apply for the SPID, know that you will need:

  • valid identity document ( identity card, passport or residence permit)
  • your health card (if you cannot obtain it, for example if you are an Italian resident abroad, the currently issued tax code card)
  • an e-mail address
  • the telephone number of the mobile phone you normally use (even if you are not the contract holder).

How to request SPID: what to do

Once you have all the necessary documents (identity document, health card, email address and mobile number) you can proceed with the request for your SPID credentials , i.e. username and password linked to your digital identity.

To obtain your SPID credentials, you must contact an identity provider : Aruba, Infocert, Intesa, Namirial, Poste, Register, Sielte, Tim or Lepida.

Once you have chosen the right identity provider for you (below we analyze all 8 together) you will have to perform 4 steps:

  1. register on the website of the chosen identity provider
  2. Enter your personal data
  3. Create your SPID credentials
  4. Carry out the recognition

SPID: which identity provider to choose

In the paragraph WHERE TO DO SPID you will find all the details on the individual identity providers that allow you to obtain your SPID credentials. To choose which one is right for you, we recommend that you take into account the following parameters:


Method of recognition

One of the phases to obtain SPID is RECOGNITION. There are identity providers who, to do so, require you to reach one of their offices (therefore in person), others via electronic identity card (CIE) *, National Service Card (CNS) *, Digital Signature or via webcam. If you don’t want to move physically, entrust yourself to a person who does not require your physical presence in their offices.

* Remember that in this you need a smart card reader to connect to the computer and that the CIE and the CNS must be previously enabled for the use of online services.

Security level

There are three different levels of security for accessing online services through your Digital Identity. Some providers allow you to get up to the third level, others stop at two. Obviously the choice of the level could involve an expense.

  • The first level: username + password
  • second level: username + password + temporary access code (fundamental level if you need to access services that require a higher degree of security)
  • third level: name + password + physical medium (eg smart cart) for identification

The higher the security level, the more difficult it will be for someone to discover and enter with your credentials.

You are already a customer of an identity provider

For example, if you are already an Aruba, Poste or Tim customer – just to name a few – you may have a simplified registration flow.

You are an Italian citizen residing abroad

SPID can be requested even if you are resident abroad, some providers offer this service (others only for Italian citizens residing in Italy).

Where to do SPID

To receive the access credentials of your Digital Identity (username and password) it is necessary to contact an identity provider. These subjects offer you different ways to request and obtain SPID, you will be able to choose which one is closest to your needs.

We have analyzed all the authorized identity providers: Aruba, Infocert, Intesa, Namirial, Poste, Register, Sielte, Tim or Lepida

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