How to request SPID

Never before has we heard of SPID or the Public Digital Identity System which allows individuals and companies to access all the digital services of the Public Administration with a single digital tool. This means, for example, that with the SPID you can access the INPS website, the school website but also PagoPA and all state online services. You will be able to enter the reserved area, submit requests and use all the tools reserved for the citizen without needing to have particular credentials and without having to register on the sites.

So the SPID is a kind of universal digital “key” that you will use to open all the doors of online services. The SPID costs nothing and anyone can get it, but the procedure for requesting SPID is not exactly simple so I suggest you read this guide to get a clearer idea on how to activate spid.

Request SPID

The SPID is issued only by some accredited operators and can be of various levels. There are in fact 3 levels of SPID security:

  • SPID Level 1:used to access online services that contain data that are not particularly sensitive. To log in with the SPID, simply enter the username and password of the SPID Poste
  • SPID Level 2:used to access online services that require a higher degree of security. To access via SPID, the user name and password of the SPID Poste must be entered and the authentication attempt must then be validated with the PosteID app
  • SPID Level 3:used to access sites that require particular security: In this case, in addition to the username and password, it will be necessary to use cryptographic keys.

You can activate level 1 and 2 spid for free while there is a fee to activate level 3 spid.

The list of SPID managers is available on the page dedicated to the Government SPID . You can choose the manager you prefer among those available.

To request SPID you will need a valid Italian document and your health card. Subsequently, to activate spid, you will also be asked for a mobile phone number and an email address. All citizens residing in Italy who are of age can apply for SPID.

Regardless of the operator chosen, the procedure for requesting SPID consists of 3 phases:

  1. entering personal data;
  2. creation of SPID credentials;
  3. recognition of the person

What differentiates one manager from the other is precisely the procedure for recognizing the person ; if it is true that the SPID is free, it is equally true that the managers can charge for the recognition of the person online. Precisely for this reason I suggest to activate spid poste ; in fact, the procedure for activating spid poste is extremely convenient and you can go to the nearest post office and activate the SPID with the operator completely free of charge. I recommend to activate spid posed also for the modalities offered by this manager to use the spid which are very practical.

If you don’t want to activate spid poste you can alternatively activate spid aruba which is equally valid. If you have chosen to activate spid aruba you can then use the SPID through the Aruba OTP app (available for iOS and Android ) which is extremely simple to use.

So, in conclusion, you can request SPID from one of the various managers present; SPID level 1 and 2 is completely free but costs may be applied for the identification procedure of the person necessary to activate spid.

I recommend everyone to activate spid poste because it is convenient and simple to request and completely free of costs for activation.

Find more information on SPIDE directly on the pages dedicated to the PA service.

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