How to enter a keylogger

I had already talked to you about Keyloggers in a previous article of mine , defining it, in a rather crude way, as a technique to record the keys pressed by a person on a keyboard; from the keys pressed it will then be possible to obtain user and password used by the user and also intercept conversations via chat. Keyloggers can be software (through a well-disguised process that intercepts and records all keys pressed) or hardware (through a particular hidden device that stands between the keyboard and the computer and records the pressed keys). In this article I will explain how to insert a software keylogger on a PC to spy on a computer.

The software keyloggers are very insidious because once installed (often with Trojans ) they act almost invisibly and it is difficult to identify them because their processes take common names used by fundamental computer processes.

Before starting I remind you that spying on other people’s computers is forbidden especially in the workplace so limit this activity to simple remote computer control when you are not at home.


  • Insert a keylogger
    • Keylogger protection
    • Hooker (Windows)
    • Elite Keyogger (Windows, Mac)
    • Best Free Keylogger (Windows)
    • Family KeyLogger (Windows)

Insert a keylogger

Keylogger protection

Before starting to see how to insert a keylogger I want to spend a few words on how to protect yourself from keloggers. In general it is very difficult to understand if a keylogger software has been installed on a computer because its process is very well hidden but keep in mind that a good PC protection allows you to adequately defend yourself from Trojan attacks that try to insert keyloggers into the operating system; Antivirus and Firewall are the best weapon to prevent your confidential information from being stolen from the network.

Also you should always keep an eye on the running processes and avoid as much as possible to install unknown programs and if already present remove them immediately.

Now let’s see how to insert a keylogger into a computer; Since a keylogger is basically software that has to be hidden inside a PC, there are keyloggers for Windows, Macs and smartphones.

Hooker (Windows)

Hooker is a kelogger widely used to spy on a computer and it works on windows machines; unfortunately this keylogger is only in English but it is so simple to use that it won’t be a problem. Its strengths are that it is almost invisible and portable so you won’t need to do any installation.

To insert a keylogger with hooker, first download it (by clicking on Portable at the top right) and copy its executable to the machine to be spied in some not very used folder. Start the Hooker program and when prompted enter the password (“Hooker”) press OK and then Accept. At this point the keylogger is active and will begin to record all the keys pressed on the computer keyboard where it was inserted.

Press the Hide key to hide the keylogger. Then when you want to see the keys pressed you will have to simultaneously press the Ctrl + Alt + Shift and and keys of your choice between F9, F10, F11 or F12 to reopen the keylogger window. From this window you can close the keylogger by clicking on Exit . You can save all the keys pressed by the keyboard in a text file by going to the Log section.

If you need to control who uses the computer, Windows Hooker is an excellent solution and its ease of use makes it perfect even for the less experienced.

Elite Keyogger (Windows, Mac)

Elite keylogger is a free keylogger (there is also the paid version) for Windows and Mac that hides very well in the operating system and is not intercepted by most antivirus. It allows you to record the keys pressed on the keyboard and some activities performed on the computer (for example chat and e-mail) and intercepts the passwords entered. It also provides all the information on web browsing and can take screenshots of the screen without the knowledge of who is being spied on. It is therefore a powerful tool for spying on a computer.

All information intercepted by the keylogger can then be extrapolated via email or web. Inserting a keylogger of this type then allows you to spy on the computer remotely.

Best Free Keylogger (Windows)

If you want to control who uses the computer running Windows you can also use the keylogger called Best Free Keylogger ; it is not a real kelogger but a remote computer control system. This software in fact spies on the computer by intercepting both keyboard commands and all other activities (including the web pages visited and the applications used).

In addition to this then this software allows you to block applications and devices on computers. It can therefore be defined as a system for monitoring the use of a computer; unfortunately it is quite complicated to use and therefore not suitable for less experienced users.

Family KeyLogger (Windows)

Another way to control who uses the computer is the Family KeyLogger program; it is a classic keylogger that records in a file all the keys that are pressed from the keyboard. Its process is well hidden but still visible to more experienced users. From the download page, write down the unlock code (you will need it later to insert a keylogger) and then click on download. A zip file will be downloaded, extract the exe file inside it in any windows folder (possibly a folder not used often). Launch the zip file and when prompted enter the unlock code and continue with the installation. The program will be minimized and its icon will be visible in the windows bar, press on it to open it and then press Options from its window and uncheck the Autorun at system startup itemsto insert a keylogger at every windows start, Start in hidden mode and Stealth to make the keylogger invisible; at the end press the button Remove shortcuts from start menu . In the Unhide Keystroke box, select the key combination to press to make the keylogger visible; by default it is Ctrl + Alt + Del + M but you can change it (try to use many keys to avoid inadvertently opening the window).

So, in conclusion, to have a remote computer control or to control who uses the computer you can install a keylogger always keeping in mind that spying on a computer is basically a prohibited operation.

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