How to get SPID from home

Did you know that you can also get your SPID credentials from the comfort of your home? Find out here how the procedure works.

If you are wondering how to get SPID from home , know that when you choose which Identity Provider to activate with, you will have to make sure that the same performs the recognition mode via webcam or audio-video by bank transfer, CIE, CNS or signature digital. Read on to find out how the procedure works.

First of all, know that SPID is a digital identity consisting of a pair of credentials (username and password) that is issued to those who are 18 years old and in possession of an Italian identification document, health card or tax code and an email address and mobile number. When you have all the documents and information listed above, you can proceed to choose one of the digital identity managers (Identity Provider) that issues the credentials.

If you want to activate SPID from home , avoiding moving around and queuing at the counters, you must choose an Identity Provider that provides for ” remote recognition “, ie that does not force us to physically reach the office for “recognition in person”.

SPID: how to do it from the comfort of your home

It is good to know that the active recognition methods for making SPID are:

  • in person (at the offices of the digital identity managers or the counters of the public administrations or commercial activities of private individuals affiliated with the identity managers);
  • via webcam (with an operator made available by the identity manager or with an audio-video selfie);
  • audio-video by bank transfer;
  • CIE or electronic passport (through the apps of digital identity managers accessible from smartphones or tablets);
  • CNS or digital signature (thanks to the help of a reader and relative pin).

If you want to obtain your SPID credentials from home, you will have to consider those that allow us to carry out the recognition remotely, via CIE or electronic passport and CNS or digital signature.

Keep in mind that some Identity Providers provide for the payment of a sum for remote recognition and / or in different ways than in person.

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