If someone hides their story on instagram, can you see their highlights

Is there a way to see who blocked or hide your Instagram Stories? Find out in this article.If someone hides their story on instagram, can you see their highlights.

You are a regular visitor to Instagram and the thing you love most is watching the stories posted by other users. In particular, you like to peek into the profile of a user that you don’t have as an Instagram friend. You do this because this user continuously posts funny stories, which put you in a good mood. Unfortunately, however, for a few days you have noticed that this person no longer posts stories on Instagram . After initially worrying about his health you realized that he had posted several organic posts in his feed and you calmed down. But why are you no longer able to see his stories ? Are you no longer publishing them or has something else happened?

When you are unable to view a user’s Instagram stories, know that the latter, while continuing to publish them regularly, may have hidden the view from your user. If this has happened, however, you will hardly know how to realize it: when someone blocks you in their stories you will no longer be able to see them, but you will continue to be able to interact regularly with the posts of their profile.
Since you have no reason to doubt that this person may have blocked you, as you do not know him and no misunderstanding has occurred between you, you are curious to find out if this is actually the case.

What we will explain to you in this article is to see who blocked you in Instagram Stories . While there is no feature on Instagram that clearly tells you whether or not you’ve been blocked in a user’s stories , there are still tricks to figure it out.

  1. How to find out who blocked you in Instagram Stories
    1. Create another Instagram account
    2. Ask a friend

How to find out who blocked you in Instagram Stories

In order to protect the privacy of its users, Instagram does not notify you when a person has hidden stories from you . However, there are indicators and tricks that help you understand if someone has actually decided to hide the stories from you. So let’s try to identify the possible “alarm bells” that can confirm your hypothesis!

Create another Instagram account

One of the most intuitive ways to tell if you’ve been blocked in Stories is to create another account. This method only works if the person we think has hidden the stories from us has a public profile. If not, we wouldn’t see his posts and stories equally.
After creating the new account, disconnect the old personal profile (i.e. the one you usually use on which you suspect you have been blocked) and log in with the new one. If browsing for several days with the new profile you still don’t see that user’s stories then this person is probably not posting. Doing so will avoid the possibility of a block linked to your usual profile.

Ask a friend

Assuming you don’t want to create a new Instagram account, another way to tell if someone has hidden Stories from you is to ask a friend to check for you. Not only that, if you have some acquaintances in common with this person you could ask a friend close to him directly. In fact, it may happen that not being his friend, the user has decided to continue publishing the stories only to a small group of friends . If you have opted for this feature, surely that’s why you don’t see their stories. In this case, probably the only way to know if he has created a friends list is, knowing a close friend of his, to ask him if he is part of his circle of close friends and is posting.

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