How to request SPID minors

Before 2016, accessing the online services of the Public Administration could have been a real ordeal. Each platform provided for different credentials and to access some services it was even necessary to wait for the receipt of “fragmented” codes on various communication channels, such as SMS and traditional mail.

Then, however, fortunately for us, the SPID (Public Digital Identity System) arrived, which can be easily created even from home and allows unified access to all online services made available by the PA (and not only). Since the launch of this system, many steps forward have been made, including that of extending it to minors, starting from 5 years of age.

I know you were waiting for this moment too, and I guess that’s why you are now here and reading this article of mine. To find out more, therefore, dedicate five minutes of your precious time to me and read everything I have to tell you about how to request the SPID for minors , putting my instructions into practice. I assure you it is not complex. Are you ready to start? Well, then I just have to wish you a good read!


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How to get SPID minors

Before seeing in detail how to obtain the SPID for minors , let me specify that this can only be requested by parents or by those who exercise parental responsibility and that it is only available for minors from 5 years of age .

Furthermore, depending on the age of the minor, the online services available change : from 5 to 13 years old, it is possible to access only the services offered by schools (always under strict supervision of the parent). This service is in an experimental phase until June 2023.

From the age of 14 onwards, however, it is possible to access your Electronic Health Record , the services offered by INPS or those offered by The Motorist’s portal regarding the verification of points on the license for driving mopeds.

Having made these important premises, I would say that it is time to take action and see how to request the SPID for a minor: you will find everything explained below.

How to request SPID minors Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane is one of the digital identity providers to have first proposed the possibility of requesting the SPID for minors following the publication of the SPID Guidelines for minors decreed by Resolution no. 51/2022 .

To understand how to apply for the SPID for minors with Poste Italiane (whether it is your biological child, adopted, or a protégé dependent on you), you must first have at least a second level SPID that provides secure access with two-factor authentication : if you don’t have one yet, you must do so as it is a mandatory requirement to request and obtain the verification code in order to obtain the SPID for minors. Therefore, I advise you to proceed as soon as possible by following my guide on how to obtain the SPID with Poste Italiane .

Having said this, to start the request for the minor you have to do, all you have to do is go to the official PosteID website , click on Login , in the center of the page and log in using your e-mail address and your password. , chosen during registration, or via QR Code with the PosteID app.

After logging in, you will find yourself inside your dashboard , which is your personal space. To request the SPID for minors, simply click on the Minor ID card and, after carefully reading the instructions provided by Poste Italiane, on add minor .

At this point, we can start the compilation of the activation request. In phase 1 , i.e. Data of the minor , you must enter, in the relative fields, the tax code , name , surname and date of birth of the minor, put the check in the direction of the check box on parental responsibility and declare if you are acting as a Parent o Other title (eg guardian / administrator) . In the latter case, you will need to present a certificate of family status attesting to the actual relationship.

After that, you must declare, with regard to the Non-Requesting Parent Authorization , if there is no / there is a second person who has parental responsibility over the minor by clicking on one of the two specific checkboxes.

If you have chosen the first option, you will have to present the documents that Poste Italiane will indicate to you at the post office; if you have chosen the second option, instead, you will have to enter the name and surname of the second parent and put the check mark in the direction of I confirm that I have received the authorization to manage the identity of the minor from the non-requesting parent .

Finally, with regard to notifications , you must put the check mark in the direction of I agree to receive notifications to authorize the minor to access the services that require the approval of the parent , so that you can authorize access to the services that provide your authorization. After that, click on continue to go to the next step.

In this second phase, relating to the Terms of Service , you simply have to confirm, by placing the check mark, that you have read the privacy policy of the Service , and accept the General Conditions of the Service , and immediately enter the password of the your SPID.

Now all you have to do is click on Continue to go to the third and final stage ( Finish ), where you will simply see the unique verification code associated with the child’s data. The code will also be sent to the e-mail address with which you registered your SPID, together with the operating instructions and any documents that you will need to present during the recognition phase. Obviously, the SPID request procedure for minors can be carried out again in case you have other children and want to have them create a SPID.

Once you have obtained the code, you will need to communicate it to the minor so that he can create his digital identity through the official PosteID website .

In short, the procedure will be the same as I indicated in this article . However, the only difference is that the minor must necessarily choose identification at the post office and must be accompanied by you or, possibly, by the second parent.

Furthermore, after entering your personal data, you will have to enter the verification code you previously obtained by following the procedure I wrote you a few paragraphs ago. After having registered and recognized, the minor will be ready to access all the online services made available to him.

To view the managed minor ID , all you have to do is access the PosteID app , click on the icon of the two horizontal lines , at the top left, and immediately after on Manage minors .

At the age of 18 , all restrictions and controls on the minor’s SPID will lapse and he can use it for any online digital service of the Public Administration.

How to request SPID minors with other SPID suppliers

The question arises spontaneously, and it is more than legitimate: how can I request the SPID for minors with other SPID suppliers ? First, you don’t have to fear. All Identity Providers plan to adapt their portals for this to happen. If your preferred provider still doesn’t allow it, try checking in a few weeks.

In any case, just like for Poste Italiane, any manager you decide to use, you will need to have a SPID that is at least second level. You will therefore have to access the section dedicated to the minor’s ID on the provider’s website and follow the guided procedure, filling in all the required data, in order to obtain the verification code to be provided to the minor for the classic SPID registration procedure.

After the minor has registered, indicating the verification code communicated to him, it will be necessary to carry out the recognition with him in order to activate the digital identity that will allow him to use, based on age, the online services dedicated to him.

At the age of eighteen, the minor will be informed of the possibility of continuing to use the SPID by ceasing, with immediate effect, any active parental controls


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