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Fortnite is an adventure game developed by the renowned company Epic Game, which has received tremendous approval and distribution around the world. The main goal pursued by the character is to survive and do everything in order to repel the attack of monsters and protect the land.

Despite the fact that Fortnight was released relatively recently, several million gamers are already playing it. The developers were able to achieve such popularity thanks to the introduction of the Fortnite Battle Royale mode in 2018.

Fortnight is a network game, it will be extremely difficult to survive without interaction with comrades. That is why, in order to identify your character and not lose your progress, you must register with Fortnight before installing, we will describe the procedure for this registration in more detail.


To create an account at Fortnite is quite simple, for this you need to go through a simple registration:
1. You need to go to the official website – and find the “Login” button.

  1. After the new user clicks on the “Login” section, a sign will appear with the question “Have you played Fortnite?” If you have already registered, then it will not be difficult to restore access to your account, so feel free to click “Yes”. If you are a beginner, then in order to go to the section with registration, you must press the “No” button.
  2. An ordinary registration field will appear on the screen, where the user indicates the following information:
  • country of residence (important for the selection of gamers and interface settings);
  • name and surname;
  • the name that will be displayed during the game (under this nickname you will be available to the rest of the characters);
  • E-mail address;
  • a strong password that you will need to enter when entering.

After entering the data, all that remains is to read the terms of service, subscribe to the newsletter (optional) and confirm that you are not a robot.

  1. A few seconds later, an email containing a link to confirm your actions will be sent to the email address specified during registration. After the user follows the link, registration is over.

In addition to the above registration procedure on the server, there is one more, faster one. You can create an account through a social network (Facebook, Vkontakte), through a Google account, or through a Sony PlayStation, XboX live or Nintendo account. To do this, you also need to go to the official website, click on the “Login” section and select the required method of quick registration in the menu that appears.


After registering and gaining access to the personal account, the user can download the game by clicking on the “Download” section. The system will offer several options for installing the game at once, for:

  • PlayStation;
  • XboX;
  • Switch;
  • PC;
  • mobile device.

As soon as the game method is selected, the automatic download of the game will begin. After installation, the user is able to enjoy online team play.

It is recommended to install the game only through the official website.

To mobile phone

At the moment, Fortnight can only be downloaded by owners of phones running on the IOS operating system. The application is available for download in the official AppStore.

Owners of smartphones on the Android platform cannot yet use such a simplified version of downloading the game. It will not be possible to find a game in GoogleMarkete in the near future. To download the game to your mobile phone with Android, you need to follow the link – and follow the further recommendations.

Summing up, it should be said that Fortynt still continues to gain popularity among players of all ages. The developers promise that the new season 9 of the game will be even bigger and more interesting. Therefore, register in your personal account of the Fortnight game right now.

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