How to register in the game “Shararam

How to register in the game “Shararam.


  • Method # 1: standard profile creation
  • Fast start
  • Method # 2: register via VKontakte
  • Game authorization
  • How do I attach an email to my game profile?

Smeshariki Country Shararam ( is a multiplayer online game for children 6-12 years old, based on the popular animated series “Smeshariki”. In the colorful virtual space of the gaming world, little users communicate with each other (you can add them as friends, as in social networks), play (carry out various orders of the main characters of the cartoon).

Plus, the game “Shararam” in an entertaining way helps children to master the PC, to know themselves and the world around them, develops creative thinking, reaction speed, memory, attentiveness.

This guide will tell you how to register in Shararam in the standard way and through the profile of the VKontakte social network. It will also help you quickly navigate the game upon completion of registration.

Note. All account holders can play Shararam completely free of charge and for an unlimited amount of time.

Method # 1: standard profile creation

  1. Open the game site in the browser – Wait for the welcome download to complete.
  2. After the welcoming speech, enter the name of your smesharik (your login in the game).
  3. Think up and enter a password of 8-11 characters long (mix English letters and numbers).
  4. To start playing, click on the button “IN SHARARAM!”.

Fast start

After entering the name and password, your smesharik immediately appears in the game space.

  1. Visually find it on the display (navigate by nickname).
  2. Follow the prompts of the game in the form of the arrows that appear.
  3. With a mouse click, tell your hero where to go. To start chatting with another game character, hover over him and press the left mouse button.

Method # 2: register via VKontakte

  1. After giving a name to Smesharik, click the “VKontakte” button (it is located under the “Create a password” field).
  2. In a new tab, enter your login and password to enter your personal VKontakte page. Click Sign In.
  3. Open the game access to the profile data on the social network. Click “Allow” under the list.

Game authorization

  1. To log into your account on “Shararam”, on the welcome page, click the “I’m already playing!” Tab at the bottom of the screen.

Or click on the “Cabinet” section in the top menu.

  1. Further:
    if you registered through the social network, click the link “Login with VKontakte”;

and if you created an account in the standard way:
Enter your name and click “OK” → type the password and click “Login”.

How do I attach an email to my game profile?

If you enter your e-mail address in “Shararam”, you will not have to create a new account in case of password loss. You will also receive news from the site about promotions, events and innovations.

  1. Log in to the site and open the “Cabinet” section.
  2. In the “Enter and confirm …” block, type your e-mail address and click “Send me a letter”.
  3. Go to the specified email. Open the message from Shararam and click the link in it.
  4. After confirmation: on the page that opens in a new tab, to go on adventures, click “Play!”
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