How To Register in the Minecraft game

How To Register in the Minecraft game.


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Minecraft is a super popular indie game. Identifies the best traditions of the sandbox genre: a huge open world with various mobs, objects and mechanisms; types of play space; survival simulator; system of achievements; complete freedom of action for the player – he chooses activities to his liking.

The game was created by Markus Persson, a talented Swedish programmer. Its first alpha version for PC appeared in 2009. Two years later, in 2011, a full-fledged distribution of Minecraft for Linux and Windows operating systems was released under the publishing company Mojang.

At the end of summer 2011, owners of mobile devices running Android had the opportunity to purchase a pocket edition of the game Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) on Google Play. And in the fall of the same year, Minecraft PE appeared on the App Store, an online store for Apple devices on iOS.

After five years of active existence of the game on the network, interest in it does not fade away. On the contrary, the number of people willing to play it is already measured in millions. The cube world is regularly supplemented with mods (The Hunger Games, ComputerCraft, Chisel, Bloodmoon, etc.); here and there, in all corners of the global network, new game servers are opening; fresh versions of the distribution kit are regularly released for all popular platforms; mini-games based on the game appear, which can be launched for free in the browser (without downloading the client).

Playing Minecraft is interesting not only for schoolchildren. Both students and older guys like to arrange online battles in the “square dimension”.


  1. To register in Minecraft, open the official website ( and click the “Register” link.
  2. In the form, enter your email address and password twice in separate fields. Specify the date of birth in the drop-down menus “Date”, “Month”, “Year”.

Attention! Specify the address of a valid mailbox. Otherwise, without an e-mail, you will not be able to verify your account in the game.

  1. Go to the specified email. In the letter from the “Mojang” service, copy the verification code.
  2. Go to the registration tab and paste it into the “Confirmation Code” field. Click on “Confirm Address …”.

Advice! Also, for a quick passage of verification, you can click on the link in the letter.

Purchase a license

  1. Upon completion of the email confirmation procedure, enter your name on the new page (your nickname in the game).
  2. In the section “Payment options”, in the drop-down list, set the country of residence. Select the payment system with which you will pay for the license (credit card, PayPal, Qiwi Wallet, Diners).
  3. Enter all required payment details (number, security code, card expiration date, postal code, invoicing country).
  4. Check if the fields are filled in correctly. Click the Buy button. Follow the instructions of the service.

How to download and run the launcher?

Attention! Before downloading the launcher, make sure that the Java applet is installed on your computer’s operating system. Distributions (offline and online installation) add-ons are available on the off-site (

  1. Go to the page for downloading the client installer –
  2. In the “… for Windows” section, click on the link “Minecraft.exe”.

Note. On the same page, in the “Multiplayer Server” section, you can download an application for installing the game server on your PC.

  1. After the installation is complete, launch the launcher.
  2. Log in: enter your email and password, click the “Log In” button.
  3. Click the “Play” button to play.

And to change the name of the profile and select a different version of the game, click “Edit Profile” and make changes in the appropriate fields.


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