How do I register in the World of Warships game?

How do I register in the World of Warships game?.


  • Standard registration
  • Client download
  • Registration via social networks

World of Warships (“World of Warships” – “World of Warships”). Multiplayer online simulator of naval battles during WWII (World War II). Created by first released on September 17, 2015.

The game contains ships of the USA, Great Britain, Russian Empire / CCCP, Germany, Japan. Also in the new versions, the developers plan to add branches of battle cruisers and destroyers of Italy, France, Austria-Hungary and other maritime powers.

To quickly register for World of Warships, use one of the following methods:

Standard registration

  1. Go to the game’s offsite –
  2. Click on the “create account” link in the upper right corner.
  3. In the form “Register and play!” fill in all available fields:
  • “Email”– a valid email address;
  • “Choose a name in the game”– your battle nickname;
  • “Come up with a password”“Repeat …” : create and enter a symbolic combination of 10-15 characters; use English letters and numbers. Avoid simple passwords like “123123”, “qwerty”, etc.
  1. Click on the box next to the inscription “I accept the User Agreement.”
  2. Check all the specified information and click the “Continue” button. The message “Complete registration” appears.
  3. Log in to the email specified during registration. Click on the message from the Wargaming service. And then follow the link “Complete registration”.

Client download

  1. After activating the link in the email, an invitation to download the client to the PC will open in a new tab. In the message text, click “Download Game”.
  2. Run the downloaded installer as administrator:
  • right click;
  • in the menu → “Run as …”.
  1. Follow the instructions of the installer. If necessary, specify a different installation location (click “Browse” and select a folder).
  2. Uncheck the box next to DirectX if it is already installed on the system.
  3. Wait for the download of the launcher and updates to complete.
  4. Click “Play”.

Registration via social networks

  1. Log in to Facebook, Google+ or VKontakte.
  2. On the off-site go to the registration form: click “create an account”.
  3. Select the required social network icon.
  4. Open access to the profile data: in the window that opens, click “Allow”.
  5. Create a password to enter the game, check the box next to the add-on “I accept …”.
  6. Click on the “Continue” button.

The service will send a message to the specified email with a link to download the game client.

Enjoy your time in the universe of World of Warships naval battles!

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