How to register on the Cristalix server?

How to register on the Cristalix server?.


  • registration
  • Account editing
  • Authorization
  • Downloading the launcher and installing games

Сristalix (Crystalix) is an open gaming web resource. Provides free for everyone the opportunity to play on the servers of the most popular multiplayer project Minecraft. Including, on the MiniGames server (Russian language, supports Annihilation, SkyBlock, Classic and other gameplay modes), TechnoPaix One / Two (SkyTech with RPG concept elements). Installation and launch of applications in Сristalix is ​​carried out through a special launcher.


  1. Open the browser –
  2. Install the Russian-language interface on the website: click on the Russian flag (to quickly and comfortably register with Kristalix).
  3. Scroll down the main page a little. In the block for authorization, under the “Login” button, click the “Register” link.
  4. In the “Ready to register?” enter:
  • Username(login with a length of 3 to 16 characters from numbers and English letters);
  • Email(email address);
  • Password(a combination for entering Kristalix of 10-32 lowercase and uppercase Latin letters and numbers);
  • Repeat the password(in this line, enter the compiled symbolic key again).
  1. In the next block of the form, indicate your gender, your Skype name (optional) and the city in which you live.
  2. Go through verification: type the answer to the specified math example.
  3. In the “Key Captcha” graphic frame, hold down the left mouse button and drag the missing puzzles into the picture (set them in the correct order, otherwise you will not be able to register).
  4. Check the boxes in the add-ins:
  • “Receive e-mail from the administration …” (optional!);
  • “I have read and agree …”.
  1. Click on “Register”.

Account editing

  1. Click on your username (located at the top right).
  2. In the panel that opens, click “Profile”.
  3. On the new page, click “Edit Profile” (button on the right).
  4. In the block “Basic settings” you can upload an avatar, enable / disable profile comments, add contact information (ICQ, Jabber). After changing the options, click “Save”.


On the page, in the “Player’s personal account” panel, enter your nickname and password, and then click “Enter your account”.

Downloading the launcher and installing games

  1. Click the “Start playing now” link in the header of the main page.
  2. Click on “Download the game client”.

Attention! Before starting the client, make sure that the Java platforms (latest version!) And .NET Framework 4.5 are installed on Windows. This application does not work without them!

  1. Select a distribution kit: click on the Windows 8 icon (XP version is no longer supported). Or use the automatic download of the client: click “I’m stupid, choose for me …”.
  2. Run the launcher on behalf of the admin.
  3. Log in: enter your username or email address and password. Click Login.
  4. Click on the game of interest in the vertical menu. Click “Install”.
  5. In the additional panel, read the application data (installation path, size). Click “Start Installation” to download the game.
  6. When the download is complete, click the Play button on the client.
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