How do I register in the game?

How do I register in the game?.


  • Setup and Registration
  • Additional features is a 2D browser-based PvP game. Does not require installation of the client on the computer. Emulates the behavior of bacteria in a Petri dish. Created by Matheus Valadares, a 19-year-old programmer from Mexico.

The main task of the player in Agario is to preserve the life of bacteria (protect it from other bacteria and microbes) and “feed” it to its maximum size. The ten largest bacteria (players) living in the environment are displayed in the TOP (in the upper right corner of the game space). perfectly combines elements of fast-paced action and strategy. But the main highlight of its gameplay is that as the bacteria grows, it is necessary to change the tactics of behavior in the environment. The “crumbs”, “middle peasants” and “eroded giant” have their own recipes for survival.

The army of Agario fans is growing day by day. It is known that in the first two months of the existence of the game on the network, the number of people playing it exceeded 10 million.

Setup and Registration

Note. To register with Agario, you need a Facebook or Google account.

  1. Go to the game site: type in the address bar of your browser, press “Enter”.
  2. In the “Nick” field, enter your nickname (this will be the name of your bacterium in the game).
  3. Left-click on the adjacent option and select the game mode:
  • “FFA”– standard “every man for himself” mode (set by default).
  • Teamsis a team game. After registration, the server automatically assigns the player to the team with the lowest total weight (that is, the weakest). Three groups compete in “teams”: “blue”, “green” and “red”. As in the single player game, the team with the most weight is considered the winner. Each player, “pumping” his bacteria, contributes to the common cause – promotes the team to the TOP.
  • Experementalis an experimental mode. Its gameplay conditions are almost the same as in FFA (standard mode), but the environment is still inhabited by queens and spawners. They throw out pasture, absorb fragments of separated bacteria (by pressing the “W” key). They can be eaten, if, of course, the “weight category” allows.
  • Partyis a game with friends. The player selects the “Party” mode, in the panel of the same name that appears, clicks the “Create” button. The received link with a special code (for example, is sent to his friends via social networks, email or by phone. The invitees insert the received link into the browser and thus join the created game.
  1. Click the “Gear” icon to go to the game settings.
  2. Select the server you want to play on (for example, Russia). The number of players is indicated in brackets.

Advice! If you want to see how the battles of microorganisms are going on on the selected server, click the “Spectate” button.

  1. In the drop-down menu “Grahpics” set the resolution of the graphics in the game:
  • Auto– the system automatically selects the best setting option for configuring your device (computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet);
  • High– high resolution;
  • Medium– average;
  • Low– low.
  1. Enable / disable interface add-ons (click to remove or check the boxes next to the options):
  • No skins– disables custom skins (appearance of bacteria);
  • No names– removes nicknames;
  • Dark Theme– if enabled, the black background of the playing field is set;
  • No colors– black and white image;
  • Show mass– shows the mass of the bacteria;
  • Skip stats– displays the results of the game after the death of the bacteria.
  1. Click the Login and Play button.

Advice! To play the game without registering, click the “Play as guest” button.

  1. Click on the button of the social network through which you want to register:

In the window that opens, enter your login (phone or email) and password to enter your personal Facebook page.

  • Click “Login”.
  • On the Continue As page, click the Play button.

Enter your Google email address in the field that appears. Click Next and enter Password.

In the “ asks for the following” window, click “Allow”.

  1. When the integration of your social media account is complete, click “Play”.

Additional features

The left panel displays the profile options and the number of “coins” (game currency).

In the Free Coins section (green button under the avatar), you can receive a bonus of +20 coins for every hour you spend in the game.

In the “Shop” you can purchase skins for game currency, additionally “pump” bacteria and exchange real money (USD) for coins.

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