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The largest state lottery in Russia is Stoloto. Despite the fact that the project was created relatively recently (in 2012), several million lottery tickets from Stoloto are distributed weekly. The company has already managed to make thousands of people happy: some of them won an apartment, a car, a country house, and became millionaires.

In order to try your luck and become the owner of one of the declared prizes, you just need to buy a lottery ticket and follow the broadcast. But in order to simplify the procedure for purchasing a ticket, just register in your personal account and perform the above operations online.


Of course, in order to become a participant in one of the lotteries from Stoloto, it is not necessary to register on the site.

You can go to the nearest lottery ticket sales point, post office or Pyaterochka store and purchase a ticket by giving the seller your phone number. And in order to find out if the ticket was a winning one – watch the broadcast on TV and wait for the coveted SMS message.

But you can save your time and register on the official website.

Registration will give the following benefits:

  • purchasing a ticket online with the ability to safely choose the one you like out of hundreds of those offered;
  • the ability to check the ticket;
  • money can be withdrawn in a matter of minutes (a percentage is charged for this, you can see the size of which when you try to withdraw your winnings);
  • the user can buy a ticket as a gift;
  • the site is systematically updated, and the latest and most interesting news and promotions from Stoloto are published;
  • by purchasing tickets through the personal account, it becomes possible to accumulate bonuses (with the bonuses earned, the participant can buy tickets or play bonus games);
  • use special bonuses from partners and save on buying lottery tickets);
  • invite friends and receive additional bonuses for this, and so on.

Unfortunately, even those who play systematically, but are not registered in their personal account, cannot receive such bonuses, which significantly affects the player’s budget. Therefore, in order to play the lottery, have fun and win, it is better to go through a simple registration.


In order to gain access to your personal account, you need to go through a simple registration.

  1. First you need to go to the official website of the state lottery –, find and click on the “Registration” field located on the left side of the screen.
  2. A registration form will appear on the screen, in which you must fill in the following fields:
  • How to contact you (it is important not to use special characters and the space character).
  • Country of residence (the system allows you to purchase lottery tickets for some CIS countries).
  • Mobile phone.
  • Pick a password.

If a user registers by invitation, it is necessary to indicate this (in order for the inviting user to be able to receive bonuses). In order to be eligible to purchase lottery tickets, the user must be an adult, and it is imperative to familiarize himself with the terms of the Offer Agreement before registering.

  1. After completing all the above steps, all that remains is to confirm that the user is not a robot.
  2. Now instructions with further actions will be sent to your e-mail (a welcome letter and a link to follow to complete the registration).

After the user is registered on the Stoloto website, you must confirm your phone number, since it is he who will receive SMS notifications when he won or when withdrawing a cash prize.

Now the user has access to a full range of services that the Stoloto company provides to its online clients.

How to buy lottery tickets

Buying a ticket on the site is quite easy: to do this, you should select one of the proposed lotteries, the grid list of which is published on the main page of the Russian Lotto website (there are several dozen of them).

Once the lottery and draw is selected, you need to click on it, and a field for selecting a ticket or numbers will appear on the screen. It is very convenient that the amount to be paid is immediately displayed on the right side.

After the required ticket or combination is selected, the purchase can be postponed to favorites, presented to a friend, or paid in several possible ways:

  • from Stoloto’s wallet;
  • using any bank card;
  • through Sberbank Online;
  • using YandexMoney, Qiwi wallets;
  • withdraw money from a mobile phone (regardless of the telecom operator);
  • take advantage of a special bonus.

To confirm the payment, an SMS with a code will be sent to the phone number to which the card or wallet is linked; they must be entered on the website to confirm the purchase.

Now the purchased ticket is displayed in the “Tickets” section, all that remains for the user is to wait for the broadcast and expect to hit a big jackpot.

Phone app

You can also register, buy tickets, check your winnings and watch broadcasts online using the Stoloto mobile application. Currently, it is available for download only for phones with IOS or Android platform.

You can download the application by clicking on the link located at the very bottom of the site, or by entering Stoloto in the game and application store on your phone. It can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Summing up, it is worth noting that registration in your personal account on the Stoloto website opens up a number of advantages over the fan of lottery games. If you systematically buy tickets and are still not registered, you need to correct this situation as soon as possible and start using additional bonuses and opportunities today!

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