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Geometry Dash is a game developed for mobile phones that was released in 2017 and has been downloaded by over 1 million players to date. In the game, you need to control a small cartoon square that overcomes various obstacles on its way. Geometry Dash differs from others in its simplicity, the player does not need to think, it is aimed at distraction and relaxation. In addition, the game has a good cartoon background, interesting gameplay and many other surprises.

Today the game can be downloaded both on a phone with Android and IOS operating systems, but this can be done only for a small fee. The cost for phones with Android is 109 rubles, for IOS – 2 $.

A notable feature of the game is the competitive moment. Each registered player can break their records and advance in the overall ranking. We will tell you exactly how to create an account in Geometry Dash in this article.

On the phone

The most convenient way to play Geometry Dash is via your phone, as you need to react immediately.

It should be noted separately that it doesn’t matter what device you play from. The program has a common cloud and can sync an account from any device. Having registered once, the user can be calm about saving his result.

The first thing to do to register is to open the game itself on the device.

We will consider creating an account through the phone. To save money, you can download any other free version of the game (we will use the Geometry Dash Light version for example).
1. Find an online game in the App Store or Google Play and launch it;

  1. Find the key in the form of a gear and press it;
  2. Go to the “Account” section, and then to “Register”;
  3. Enter the necessary information in the windows that appear: nickname, password (repeat twice) and enter your email address (repeat twice);
  4. A letter will be sent to the e-mail, which will contain a link, by clicking on it the user will be able to confirm his identity.

Now the account has been created and you can log into your personal account every time and track the records set.


Sometimes the user changes the device and in this case, it is necessary to re-enter the personal account of the game. It is not difficult to do this, you just need to:
• open the settings section;

  • select the “Login” section;
  • enter your personal data, or rather your login and password;
  • if the data is entered correctly, the user will be able to play under his pseudonym.

Recovering Forgotten Data

Quite often it happens that the user, having entered the password, forgets it after a while and is lost when the system requests data again.

If this happens, do not despair and create a new account, access to the old one can still be returned and this can be done quickly enough.

To do this, go into the game, click on the section “Settings” – Account – Login – and from the bottom find the section “Forgot your password” or “Forgot your username”. The system will redirect you to the link, where you should enter the data that you remember in the free fields.

If you have forgotten the password for Geometri Dash, the system will ask you to enter your email address, username and security code from the picture. If the player has forgotten the username, then the restoration of access to the account will only need to enter the email address.

After that, a letter will be sent to the mail with further instructions for action, or rather, you will need to follow the link and come up with new user data.

Important! Since this information is not strictly confidential and cannot lead to theft, it is recommended to write down the invented username and password so as not to perform recovery over and over again.

On the computer

Despite the fact that the game is intended for mobile phones, many users prefer to play it on a computer. But installing Geometri Dash on a PC is not so easy.

To do this, you must download an emulator (a special program that helps you install applications on your computer through PlayMarket or AppStore). An example of such a program is Nox App Player, Andy, BlueStacks, and so on.

After installing the emulator, the PC will be perceived as a phone or tablet, you should go to the Play Store and download the game. Registration on the computer will be the same as described above.

Registration problems

Very often, many users face various problems associated with the procedure for creating an account. In order to solve them, you can use the information from the forums, where gamers often discuss the issues that have arisen.

In the event that it is not possible to fix the problem on his own, then the user can use the advice of the creators of the Geometry Dash game. To do this, write a letter to the developers’ email address –, provide your username, email address and explain the problem in detail. You should receive an answer within a few days.

Summing up, it is worth noting that in order to fully enjoy the game, you need to go through a simple registration. Only in this case will the player be able to advance in the rating table and conquer record positions.

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