How to put the white heart emoji on Instagram?

One of the most used applications in recent years is Instagram. Through this application you can not only send direct messages , voice notes or make calls, but you can also make publications, live videos and add stories just by creating an account and logging into Instagram .

To use this app you don’t need to do a lot of things, maybe you want to know what Instagram is for and how it works . So we will give you a preview, with this application you can make a wide variety of edits to your photos regardless of whether you are going to upload them to your publications or you just want to save them. Here we will tell you how you can add emojis to your Insta photos before uploading them.

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  1. What is the meaning of the white heart in the different social networks?
  2. What methods are there to put the white heart emoji on your Instagram account?
    1. Through the stickers
    2. With emojis from your keyboard
  3. Where can you find the white heart to copy and paste on your Instagram?
    1. emojiterra
    2. piliapp

What is the meaning of the white heart in the different social networks?

Normally, when we use an emoji it is because it has a meaning. In social networks, an infinity of emojis are used and among the most used is the white heart. This has a very pure meaning, since most people use it when they want to express the purity, affection, appreciation and solidarity that you feel towards a person or in case she sends it to you, it is that she feels these feelings for you.

Of course, this will not always be the meaning, since if you and the other person give it another understanding, it would also be an option to follow .

What methods are there to put the white heart emoji on your Instagram account?

There are several ways to add emojis to your stories and post on your Instagram. In case you want to use them here we will tell you what you should do to put them in your publications.

Through the stickers

These are one of the best ways to add an emoji or animation to your stories, because you can insert them in the photos that you are going to upload. To do this you have to open the Instagram camera , there you are going to take the photo and as you touch the sticker at the top there will be several options such as adding a survey . But you will have to tap on GIPHY and in the search bar you type white heart.

After the search is complete, you are going to take the emoji, you will place it in the part that you see best in the photo and you can adjust its size. When you are satisfied with the result of the photo, you will be able to click on ‘Send to’ and you will choose to which part of Instagram you will share it: to the story or as a publication.

With emojis from your keyboard

This is another way to add this emoji to your Instagram posts and stories. Here you also have to open the Instagram camera and take a new photo or choose it from the gallery. Then you will click on the emoji that is at the top of the screen.

There it will allow you to write on the photo, you will be able to write the white heart, you will look for it among the emojis on your phone’s keyboard. Now you can adjust it to the size you want and place it in the place of your preference in the photo. As before, you will also click on ‘Send to’ and proceed to choose where you will upload it and click on share.

Where can you find the white heart to copy and paste on your Instagram?

There are times when the keyboard that our phone comes from the factory does not have all the emojis. So if you want to make this edit to your publication anyway , you can search for this emoji from these pages that we will name you now.


This is the most popular page at the moment with reference to emojis, since it has all the emojis that exist at the moment. To use the emojis you just have to enter the part corresponding to the hearts. Then you will download it and from that moment you can copy and paste it as many times as you want.


There you will also be able to choose any of the emojis for your publications. This page works in the same way as the one we mentioned a moment ago. From there you will also be able to choose the emojis and copy and paste them to the photo or publication that you want to upload.

In such a case that you don’t want to use any of these methods, you can use WhatsApp emojis. All you have to do is write the white heart in the writing bar and then leave it pressed. Now, at the top of the screen you will click on copy or cut and then paste it in the part you want on Instagram.


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