How to change the emoji of your intensifying bar in your story on Instagram?

For a long time now, the Instagram application has been improving the filters and effects that are available in its photo editor. This has led it to become one of the most downloaded and used applications worldwide on a daily basis.

Thanks to these functions we can improve our photos and videos in an easy, fast and very practical way. Many of these filters allow you to change the color tone of photos and videos, change the color of your eyes, and add another background to the environment you’re in. This time we are going to talk about the Instagram emoji bar and how you should use it.

How to Change the Emoji of your Intensifying Bar of your Story on Instagram?

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  1. What emoticons can be used in Instagram bars?
  2. How can you add this bar in your Instagram stories?
  3. What is the procedure to change the emoji to the bar of your stories?

What emoticons can be used in Instagram bars?

This is a new feature that has been recently added to Instagram stories. Through this new option you can be more expressive when commenting on your friends’ stories on Instagram or when you ask a question in your stories and so it doesn’t look too direct.

This effect is called ‘Emoji Slider’ and through this you can place an emoji and a question in your stories and a section in which the answer to your question will go. Each person who sees your Instagram story will be able to answer the question that appears in the photo of the story.

In this effect you can use any of the emojis that Instagram has available, since when choosing an emoji, it will mean a state of mind that will have this question. That is why it is necessary that you choose the emoji that will have the question well so that you do not create confusion.

How can you add this bar in your Instagram stories?

If you want to start using this question bar in your Instagram stories and you don’t know where to find them, you will have to do this. Open the Instagram app and you will slide the screen to the right side to load the camera. There you will have to click on the sticker icon that is at the top of the screen.

There in the search engine you will write ‘Emoji Slider’ and when this filter appears you will select it, after you select it you will be able to write any question you want to ask someone and you will also be able to choose the emojis that this question will have. After you do all this, you are only going to click on ‘Send to’ and then on ‘Share’ to place it in your story.

What is the procedure to change the emoji to the bar of your stories?

Perhaps you have wanted to use other emojis and only the same ones appear in your story bar and you do not know how to change them. This is something that is not very common in many cases since in this part it allows you to add any emoji that is in the same tray.

So that you can add it, you have to go to the ‘Emoji Slider’ filter and from there you will place the line of writing on the emoji section of the slider bar and delete the one that is located there. Then you will be able to choose the one you want from the tray of all the emojis.

In such a case that this function is working for you, you will have to do two things: the first will be to restart your cell phone in case the application has started badly, this error is similar to the error that does not allow you to change your profile photo in Instagram should be fixed. If after this it does not continue to work, the second thing will be to uninstall and install the application again, in this way this error should no longer appear.


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