How do you change the Instagram bar emoji for your favorite?

If you are a complete fan of Instagram or at least use it a few times a week, you surely see it as an important social network. You will also know that the platform has many functions and options that allow you to share entertaining content, such as the options to modify a story.

How do you change the Instagram Bar Emoji for your Favorite?

Among these options, we find, for example, that of being able to add music or some other filter and stickers of the time, temperature or any other favorite emoji. Specifically, we found a sticker known as the intensity bar, which you can easily edit; Therefore, now we will show you which are those emoticons that you can place and how to do it.

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  1. What are the emoticons that you can put in the intensity bar of your stories?
  2. How is this icon added in Instagram stories?

What are the emoticons that you can put in the intensity bar of your stories?

As you may know, the main thing you need to do is download and update the Instagram app on your mobile.  Have your account active in it. If we talk about this option, we cannot say that you can place all the emojis or emoticons that we find on our keyboard, now we are going to show you which ones are available.

You need to go to the camera part of Instagram where you can capture a photo or take one from your phone’s camera roll. Among the first labels that appear, you will see the intensity bar with the emoji of a love face , which you must press to see the available emoticons.

Above the keyboard of your mobile will be the emoticons distributed in 5 parts; for example, in the first one we see the emoticon of laughter, furious, the surprised emoticon and the little fire . In the next row is the red heart, the thumbs up emoji, the 100 points, the folded hands, another surprised emoji, and the sleepy emoji.

In the third are the following; the crying emoticon, the disgusted one, the emoticon with glasses, one more surprise, suffering, the emoji with a halo or with a face mask. The penultimate row has animal emojis, the dog appears, a pig, the emojis of the monkeys covering eyes, ears and mouth, in addition to the emoji of palms and eyes.

In the last row we find the emoji of a broken heart, the yellow and a gray moon, the sun, a crown, the rainbow, the bag of money and the ghost. Those are the emoticons that the intensity bar option presents you with so you can place them in your stories ; now, how can you place them in your stories?

How is this icon added in Instagram stories?

Previously, we mentioned a little what you have to do to be able to place this label in your stories, and the truth is that it is very simple and quick to do it. When you are logged into your Instagram account and you are located on the home screen of the app, swipe the screen to the right with your finger .

Thus, you will go directly to the application’s camera, although you can also do it by touching your profile picture in the upper left.

Now you can choose the photo you want to share in the stories from your mobile gallery, and when it appears on the screen , press the label icon . This is how the variety of stickers that you can paste on your photo will appear, select the intensity bar that has the emoji of love.

In this way, you will see how the label appears, where you can first choose the emoji that you want to appear in the bar. Here, you will also have the option to ask a question or write something so that those who see it react to the photo.

When you have adjusted the intensity bar to your liking, then click on the ‘Done’ option that appears at the top right of the screen. There, you will see the other options you have to modify your photo, if it is ready then touch the option that is in the lower left corner.

All the functions and options that the Instagram social network offers us are very simple, either from a mobile with an Android or iPhone system. So, following this explanation that we leave you, you can be as creative as you want to surprise your friends and interact with them on the platform.


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