How Instagram emoji reaction sticker works

Find out how the Instagram circular sticker with emoji works and what it is for.

If you are looking for a way to increase interactions on Instagram , you might be interested in knowing that there is a sticker that allows you to leave a reaction to a Story with a simple tap . Read on to find out how the emoji reaction sticker works .

The use of stickers within the Stories is a simple and effective way to increase the interactions of our followers, also with benefits in terms of the scope of our content.

How the emoji reaction sticker works

A customizable sticker is available on Instagram that allows those who view our stories to share an immediate reaction.

The sticker can be customized by the creator of the story , by inserting the emoji most in line with the content. Whoever looks at it, by tapping on it, will see a shower of emojis appear on the screen (the same one on the sticker).

This sticker is very similar to the like of the stories (the heart that you find at the bottom right) but, unlike the heart that is standard, the emoji of the sticker can be customized among the many available to users.

If you tap on the sticker, your reaction will appear in the list of views (so whoever created the story will know that you clicked on the sticker).

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