How to change the emoji of the bar in Instagram stories?

When we install and log into our Instagram account we can enjoy many functions that help us to improve our profile and the publications and stories that we add there. Therefore, if you want to add new things to your account, you can use all these effects to improve the quality of your photos.

Next, we are going to show you which are the emojis that are available for the intensity bar for Instagram stories, how to add an intensity bar to Instagram and how you will be able to change the main emoji of this bar . You need to pay close attention to each of the processes so that you can understand how to make all these changes to your Instagram profile.

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  1. What are the emojis available for your Insta storie bar?
  2. How can you add the intensity bar on your Instagram story?
  3. How is the emoji for this bar changed in stories?

What are the emojis available for your Insta storie bar?

In the Instagram application there is the question bar. This is an effect that you can use from the camera settings. This option has a slightly reduced number of emojis, since you can only use about forty emojis which is a very small amount compared to the emojis that have the keyboard of our phone.

These emojis in the Instagram bar are used so that you can add a little sense to the questions you want answered in your story. Among the emojis that you can use are those of faces, which are to highlight some type of emotion . You will also find those of climates and a few of animals. Through all these emoticons you are going to add a touch of personality to each question you post in your story.

How can you add the intensity bar on your Instagram story?

If you liked the description of this effect and want to know how the Instagram intensity bar works and add an emoji to the question that your followers will answer, enter your Instagram app and open the camera section either by sliding the screen from left to right or by tapping the icon at the top of the screen.

When you are there you can take a new photo or grab one from the gallery. When you have the photo, click on the happy sticker icon at the top of the screen . There you will search for ’emoji slider’, after you find it and touch it you will write the question you will ask and you will also choose the emoji that will characterize the question you are asking.

When you verify that the question is well written and that the emoji corresponds to the question, you can tap on share and add it to your Instagram story . Afterwards, you will be able to see the answers that you receive from all your followers to your question from the direct messages and if you want to continue the conversation you will be able to do so.

How is the emoji for this bar changed in stories?

Perhaps you are already used to using Instagram and its intensity bar , but you are already bored of the emojis that this effect has by default. But there is a way to change these emojis, unfortunately you will not be able to add new emoticons to the tray. Rather, you will only be able to reorder those that are available there.

You have to get into the ‘your story’ part and you will have to pretend to add a new one. Now, among the effects of the sticker icon, you will press the one of the bar with the emoji. Then you will press one that is not the one that is first. In this way, the one you just touched is going to position itself first among the other emojis.

If you cannot see the other available emojis between this tray, you have to slide that same tray to either side so that the other available emojis appear. There you will be able to see the animal emoticons as well as some that make a lot of reference to the weather and the seasons of the year.

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