What is the meaning of GG in WhatsApp and Messenger groups or chats?

The letters ´GG ´ is an abbreviation that depending on the App, game and community in which it is used or we use them have a different meaning, for example if we use it in Messenger  or WhatsApp chat it is as if we were saying GoodGame or Good Game . Well, it is common that when playing online we communicate with other players and the opportunity is provided to chat with them through these or other networks such as Facebook, which is why many Internet users use this expression ‘GG’ to abbreviate the expression GoodGame.

What is the Meaning of GG in WhatsApp and Messenger Groups or Chats?

Its meaning also has to do with the phrase “there is no solution in this game” or “it’s over” . But it is also true that many users add ‘GG’ to their messages to give some personalized meaning to their texts, so we could say that the truth is that there are various reasons why this abbreviation is used,there are even other abbreviationsthat are also widely used in the networks by users here we will talk a little about them and their meaning.

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  1. What does this acronym mean in personal and group chats?
  2. Which users tend to use this type of expression in their chats?
  3. List of the most popular abbreviations among users of social networks
    1. GN
    2. GM
    3. XD

What does this acronym mean in personal and group chats?

Normally ´GG´ has the same meaning in the different communities, it is like saying ´good game or GoodGame´ , it is quite common for someone who leads a group, to use phrases of personal authorship and that these are trends, or widely used in the group created or community led since they are used with a specific theme.

That precisely happened with GG on Facebook, users of the fun category use it to fit in with other players, without considering the game, since the phrase is a trend in all, if not the majority of games. GG is also used in various social networks, although not as frequently, its use is more in these networks but with the purpose of communicating between players , we could say that it is a language of online players , among its objectives the use of these letters could be to applaud some of our teammates or rivals, or it could also be used as a way of greeting amicably.

Which users tend to use this type of expression in their chats?

There are many users who could make use of this abbreviation but it is more common to see that it is young people under 35 who use abbreviations to convey a message or idea, and this could be due to the fact that many users creating Fanpage transmit the statistical results of some game to publicize the position of players.

The abbreviation ‘GG’ is also widely used when a game or game is being developed, an example would be when the game is taking place, the group of players goes to carry out a fight but said battle is lost, the players comment ‘GG ‘ which means in this context that “there is no hope of winning the battle” , but they also use “GG” to address the player who has lost, referring to the expression “Good Game” .

As we have explained with ´GG´ if we have won the game this would mean ´GoodGame´ but if we have lost the meaning it would be ´Already Gone´ meaning that there is nothing to do anymore. These abbreviations are part of the language or jargon of video gamers or as they are also known Gamers .

List of the most popular abbreviations among users of social networks

As we have already mentioned, there are many abbreviations used by video gamers, we have already talked about ‘ GG’ and its meaning depending on the context, now we will talk about others that are also very popular so you should know them…


This abbreviation ‘GN’ or acronym can mean ‘Good Night/Buenas Noches’ and of course it is used to greet or say goodbye, it is a term widely used in chat where users speak English but it has also become very popular among users. and Hispanic players.


This abbreviation ´GM´ or acronym can stand for Good Morning/Buenos días, the opposite of ´GN´ commonly used to make a greeting in the morning starting the day.


Some have the mistaken idea that ‘XD’ is to say ‘by God’ but the truth is that no! Since its relationship is with emoticons, those who know about Emojis understand perfectly that these letters represent a funny face laughing , so when using them what is meant or indicated is that ‘ that made us laugh a lot’ .


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