How to put an emoji in your Microsoft Word document?

Thanks to the creation of the Microsoft Office package, we can do work more easily than with other programs, since this brand has become the most important when it comes to doing work of any kind and Word is one of the most important accessories when starting to use it to do very presentable jobs.

With this application, we can do different types of work in the best possible way thanks to its settings. With these extensive options, we can insert a watermark inside the sheet to protect the document . But this is not the most striking thing we can do in the document, since we can also have emojis on the sheet to give a more different touch to the work.

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  1. What are the emojis that Microsoft Word has to add them in your documents?
  2. How can you add emojis to your Word file?
    1. The PC application
    2. With the mobile app
    3. From the web version
    4. With iOS devices

What are the emojis that Microsoft Word has to add them in your documents?

Within the Word settings, we have the option to put Emojis , in order to give a different touch to any type of document that we are making in the Word sheet. The platform for doing jobs has the possibility of putting any emoji you want, but keep in mind that it will depend on what update you have available at the moment.

In more updated versions of Microsoft Word , you will have more options of emojis to insert in the document page, options apart from the basic ones. Since this option is a new one that is being added to the availability of Word. In older versions you will only have access to the basic emoji faces such as Happy, Smiley, Sad, Neutral

With the help of these emoticons, you can give a different touch to any type of document , whether you are learning how to make a flowchart in Word, you have the option of putting these small images so that your presentation has a distinctive that makes that stands out from the rest.

How can you add emojis to your Word file?

If you are trying to make an infographic in Word with the best structures or another type of work and you want to use emojis, you can do it in different ways, since this type of image can be created from the keyboard, or you can insert it from the option provided by Microsoft Word in its most recent versions of the application.

The PC application

When we use our computer to start working in Word, you can insert emojis from the keyboard in a very practical and easy way. To do this, you will only have to combine a series of characters for these little emoticons to appear. With the combination of the colon (:) and using the parentheses [()] to make these appear in a simple way

With the mobile app

If you are using Word from your mobile device, it will have more access to a higher range of emojis than being on the computer but in some versions. To insert an emoji from the mobile Word application , simply go to the slot where the emoticons are located on the mobile device and lighten the one you want to put.

You must bear in mind that in newer versions of the application you have more compatibility with the range of emoticons that mobile devices have. With this we want to tell you that, if you still have an old version of Microsoft Word, such as the 2010 and earlier versions , the features of the new emoticons may not be compatible with the version of Word

From the web version

When you want to use emojis in Word for the platform web, here is a very easy way to do it, since it already has an option where we can see all the emojis that we have available to put on the sheet. To do this, you simply have to enter Google Docs and in this sheet we will see the same options as in a normal Word sheet.

This Word sheet online, entering insert, we will be displaying a list of options with the multiple functions that we can use in the sheet, you will have to go to the option of special characters, there you will find a variety of characters. But you will go to the Symbols option and opt for the emojis function to see the extensive amount of emojis that we have at our disposal.

This same platform has an option in the same menu but in the Arrows section, a category of emojis that we can choose from, but the most curious thing that this application gives us is the possibility of drawing our own emojis to use in our spreadsheets. Word.

With iOS devices

iOS devices also have the possibility of inserting emojis in Word sheets for an improvement in the aesthetics of the document. To do this, you have to be writing on the sheet and then go to the emoji button on the keyboard and choose the anger that you want to be on the page where you are writing your information.


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