How to create a timeline from Microsoft Word? – Customize your document

You can create almost anything you want through Microsoft Word, one of the things you can create is a timeline. This way, you can further customize your documents . Also, you can use SmartArt to create it.


On the other hand, you can choose the elements that you want to add them, such as color, background and add the most important milestones in the timeline that you are going to create. We will also teach you the basics to do it , from the application available on all mobile devices.


How to create a timeline from MICROSOFT WORD? – Customize your document

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  1. How to use SmartArt to create a timeline in Word?
  2. What timeline elements can you customize in Word?
    1. Edit the colors and background
    2. Add more milestones to your timeline
  3. How can you create a timeline from the mobile version of Word?

How to use SmartArt to create a timeline in Word?

The best way to create a timeline is using SmartArt graphics , in this case, what we are looking for is to choose one of the graphics that are already preset. It’s a very easy way to create your timeline, plus you can add as many as you want.

This means that you can adapt the timeline to the number of events you want. Now, to do this, proceed to look for the insert tab, from there, select illustrations, and after that, in SmartArt.

There, you will find a fairly extensive list, you should look for the processes option, and after that, select the basic timeline. When doing so, you will only have to select accept and that’s it . You can also add Roman numerals in Word .

You will see 3 milestones , so you can change the graphic and fix it according to what you want. As well as unfold it and position it where you want.

What timeline elements can you customize in Word?

In order to further customize the timeline, you can edit everything to do with the colors and the background. This allows you to edit your entire timeline and give it the touch you want. On the other hand, you can add the image you want to give it a different touch, as well as add the colors you want.



Edit the colors and background

In order to design, you must access the design options and select there, the color you want to place, as well as the background. On the other hand, you can also modify everything that has to do with the text font. However, we recommend that you keep the font you have when the timeline is added via SmartArt, as it can become slightly distorted if you seek to change it.

To further customize your timeline, you can not only add color and background, but you can also insert images. For this, look for the tab or the insert section, after that, the group of illustrations. Finally, click insert images.

The only option left is to search for the image on your computer and add it, this will appear immediately. So all you have to do is edit it, plus resize it however you want to fit the timeline.

Without a doubt, images are an excellent option for timelines, since they appear much more visually attractive. You can make the ruler visible in Word to make it easier to do so.



Add more milestones to your timeline

The first step to be able to add the milestones to your timeline is to establish which are the most important events that you can add. Therefore, to add another milestone , you only have to select the ones that appear there and copy them.

After copying them, the next step is to paste, the next step is to accommodate them, in such a way that they can have a better structure, as well as greater meaning to everyone who reads it. Although you can add more milestones , it is recommended that you try to summarize all the information, so that you do not add enough text. If not, everything is more visual for the reader.

How can you create a timeline from the mobile version of Word?

Although the Word application for mobile devices has different alternatives, SmartArt is not one of them. Therefore, you will not be able to perform the timeline using it. You can also create crossword puzzles in Word.

However, you can create the timeline, by clicking on insert, and after that, on shapes. From this section, you can select the lines and also the boxes. It is in this way that you can create from scratch everything that has to do with the timeline.


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