How to play Minecraft using cross-platform with other friends

Minecraft is a survival style adventure video game with square graphics. Although it is a single player game. Did you know that Minecraft can be played using cross-platform with your friends ? Keep reading and we will explain how to make the connection.

Play Minecraft using cross-platform with friends using Hamachi

What is the Hamachi app and what is it for? Well, basically, it is an application that allows you to create a personal network with your own IP. This created network can be added to several people as long as they are provided with an IP, to which they must connect.

To begin, you must bear in mind an important fact. All your friends must have the same version of Minecraft, because if someone has a different version they will not be able to join your world.

The first thing we will do is download the Hamachi program  and then install it on our computer. To do this, we run it as administrator and then we follow the standard steps for installation.

We run the program and proceed to configure. As a recommendation, the person who created the world will be what is known as a Hoster, that is why it is recommended that the person who has a good computer create the world .

That said, we are going to configure Hamachi, for that follow these steps: the first thing is to open the program, then we connect by registering in the application or by placing an account that we have previously.

From here we have an option to create a new network or join an existing one . If we are the creators, we must invite our friends to join our created network.

As we are all connected to the same Hamachi network, we can now play Minecraft in multiplayer mode . We just open Minecraft and look for the multiplayer option.

Then we invite our friends providing the host of the world so they can join us and start a group adventure. Now, if you have a PS4, XboxOne or a mobile phone, how can you play Minecraft cross-platform with your friends ?

Another option to play Minecraft

Of course we know that you would like to know how to play with friends without having Hamachi , there is a method by which we can play Minecraft with our friends without being premium whatever the platform or console they have. It is a very effective and easy method.

This is only possible for all those who have the version of Minecraft “Bedrock” this is generally applicable on consoles such as Ps4, XboxOne and mobile devices such as Android or iOS.

As for the pc ones, you must verify which version you have. To view this information, it easily appears on the home screen above the play button. It should say something like Java Edition.

Having clarified this, we go through the steps and the first thing we must bear in mind is that all those who want to connect must have the same version (for example, version v 1.14.60 ).

When we run the game, on the home screen at the bottom left, an option will appear that says sign in with Microsoft account .

We must do it and then a ” Nick name ” will appear. With that name is that we can locate our friend throughout the Minecraft platform to play together.


Many debate whether it is better to play on PC or console , but in case you decide to use consoles like Ps4 and XboxOne you need to have the online service active and also an internet connection. To play with friends we will click on play and create a world.

If we already have one created, what we must do is before opening the world is to click on the pencil symbol that is on the right side of the world, then in multiplayer and activate the multiplayer option .

Then what we have to do is enter the world and start inviting our friends using their Microsoft registration Nick name. It’s very easy and fast, don’t you think? If you liked this article, leave us your comment and share this information with your friends.


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