Crystal policy: how it works and what it covers

The Crystal policy is a possibility offered by car insurance: even if the possible membership remains optional, the prices are low and will allow you to avoid various problems (especially monetary, but not only) in the event of unexpected breakdowns.

Let’s find out everything about car window insurance .

Crystal policy: why include it in the contract

The classic stone on the highway, but also the neighbor’s flowerpot or the child’s toy falling from the window above your car: here are some of the accidents that happen, and put the safety of your car windows at risk.

The optional insurance coverage that can protect you in the event of total or partial breakage of the windshield, rear window or windows is called a “window policy”.

There are many circumstances in which car windows can be damaged, and you should know that replacement (but sometimes also repair) is expensive.

Whether it is a car of a certain age (whose parts are difficult to find), or a brand new car, in order not to worry about the possible costs to be incurred, it will be sufficient to activate the glass insurance during the stipulation of the insurance contract. or renewal (upon expiry of the policy).

In fact, remember that during the year it will not be possible to add it, so if you prefer to travel peacefully you must make a note of this note and then request it from the insurer.

Crystal policy: what it covers and what it doesn’t

The glass policy covers damages suffered by:

  • windscreen
  • rear window
  • side windows

In addition to these parts, you must check if your company extends the protection to any panoramic roof, even if made of materials other than glass.

The parts always and in any case excluded from the window policy are the lights and rear-view mirrors.

Crystal policy: how it works

The window insurance is activated for damage caused by third parties or for accidental breakage (unintentional damage to the glass), such as a stone; Scratches resulting from glass breakage are not covered damage.

If the glass has been broken due to an accident with fault, vandal damage or an attempted theft, the window policy does not activate: for all other cases, the procedure is simple.

The glass policy has a practical and simple operation that provides for the full reimbursement of the costs of repair or replacement of the glasses included in the insurance coverage.

The choice of any repairs concerns the technician to whom you entrust the car: usually this route is chosen only for limited damage to the windshield, less than 2 and a half centimeters, and only the position does not damage the driver’s view.

For more extensive damage or for different breakages, the technicians will always replace the glass.

Notify the insurance, take the car to a repairer and the glass will be fixed or changed without you having to pay anything.

Crystal policy: what to watch out for

There are other things to look out for besides the motivation that led to the breakup. Here they are:

  • some policies have a lower price but you will have to bring the car exclusively to a partner center
  • coverage has limits and (sometimes) deductibles
  • “unlimited” substitutions are not possible and there is a maximum number of events included
  • the glass (in most cases) will be replaced with a new one, always approved (by law) but not original (different quality and tone)
  • repaired windows can soon break, remain damaged


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