How to convert or import an XPS document to Word for free online

XPS is a file or format that comes from the Open XML Paper Specification, initially developed by Microsoft in 2006, to describe both the structure and content of electronic documents ; which can contain one or more pages. However, we can convert or import an XPS document to Word for free . Keep reading, we will teach you …

The idea is that these document formats can be easily read, shared and even printed , being able to read with different operating systems, therefore it is independent and open; since, the rights or royalties are not paid to its creator.

What are the characteristics of a document in XPS?

  • They cannot be modified so easily , since we must know about the markup language known as XML.
  • XPS documents behave in competition with PDFs with certain differences, although you can convert an XPS to PDF .
  • It acts as a free format, being able to be modified in Mac OS, Linux and Windows; and you do not need authorization to use software .
  • The author of the XPS document can sign its creation.

How can we open the files in XPS format?

These files have the advantage of being compatible with several Windows operating systems and not with a single general program, but we must note that each one handles its software differently; which confirms that these formats do not require prior authorization.

We can mention three different ways or programs , to open these files with XPS format, among them we have: XPS Viewer in Windows, NiXPS in Mac OS and Ghostscript in Linux.

In the case of XPS Viewer on Windows , this software is included in versions of Windows Vista, 7 and 10; but in different versions of Windows, the user will have to install it independently.

In the case of NiXPS, it is an excellent option for Mac OS, since it is an easy-to-use software thanks to its simplicity, as well as not taking up too much space on your disk because of its lightness.

Finally, the Ghostscript software for Linux , which is used to open several types of formats that contain compressed files, including XPS, PDF, among others.

We also have the option of opening this format with the XPS File Viewer online; this way you can select the file on your computer or online and be able to view it.

How to convert or import an XPS document to Word for free online?Converting or importing an XPS document to Microsoft Word for free online involves a few steps. Here’s a guide presented in tabular form:

Step Description
1. Find a Free Online Converter Search for a free online XPS to Word converter. Popular options include websites like Zamzar, Online2PDF, and CloudConvert.
2. Upload the XPS File Go to the chosen converter’s website. Look for the option to upload or drag and drop your XPS file.
3. Choose the Output Format Select ‘Word’ (DOC or DOCX) as the output format. This option is usually found in a dropdown menu or a list of output formats.
4. Start the Conversion Click on the button to start the conversion process. This button is often labeled as ‘Convert’, ‘Start’, or something similar.
5. Download the Word Document Once the conversion is complete, download the converted Word document. There will be a download link or button provided.
6. Check the Document Open the downloaded Word file to ensure the conversion was successful and the formatting is intact.

Remember, while these online tools are convenient, they may not always preserve the exact formatting of the original XPS document. Additionally, be cautious about the privacy and security of your documents when using online converters, especially for sensitive information.

There are several pages to carry out this online conversion , and if you use Windows you can change the file format without programs , but we will give you an explanation based on the one mentioned below:

This web page has the advantage of allowing you to convert a group of files at once, to do this you press the button ” Select the files” up to the gray delimited area.

Then you can choose several additional options, under the dotted area where it says “Preferences”, in this section you have the freedom to make adjustments such as: its compression level, the header, footer, the type of design, if it will have protection from read only; among other features.

In addition, this website allows you to cut, reorder, rotate, the pages of the XPS files. To carry out this task, you must observe the options that will be displayed on the right side of the selected file. After finishing with the preferences, we finish the conversion process. Pressing the red button “Convert” .

The documents must meet certain characteristics. Once you have selected the files, if there are several, the sum should not be greater than 150 MB. If it’s only one, it can’t be more than 100MB. Furthermore, you can select a maximum of 20 files per conversion and by holding down the Ctrl button.

To conclude, we can say that the conversion of XPS files to Word is done easily, and this type of files can be converted to other formats such as JPG . Although XPS documents are light and compatible with all operating systems, we can enrich them with designs and styles,  which are only available in Microsoft Word.


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