How to Open a File in NBF Format on My Windows PC

Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite is a program to establish a connection between Nokia mobile devices and the Microsoft Windows operating system . It saw the light for the first time in 1997 and continued until 2012.

As mentioned above, this program was used to create an interface between Nokia devices and computers, thanks to this it was possible to transfer documents and files such as music or photographs.

Given the emergence of new technologies such as Android and Apple, the program fell into disuse and nowadays files can be shared between mobile devices via Wi-Fi, leaving management applications behind. In any case, some users with older Nokia devices have the ability to continue using the software.

As we mentioned before, Nokia PC Suite has multiple functionalities among which there is also the possibility of saving backups or backups. With the latter it is possible to save information from mobile phones and later retrieve it.

These backup files are saved in the NBF extension and in most circumstances they cannot be opened in a normal way, before this we will tell you a little about this type of file and the way in which you can open it.

How to Open a File in NBF Format on My Windows PC – Quick and Easy

In case you want to open files in NBF format , you need to use the Nokia PC Suite application. To carry out this process read the following guide:

Download the Nokia PC Suite application to open files in NBF format

The Nokia PC Suite application has become obsolete, mainly due to the proliferation of newer devices. In any case, although the support from the Nokia company has been limited, it is still possible to purchase the application to use it with our Nokia mobiles and open files in NBF format.

To download the application, you must go to the following link Nokia-PC-Suite. Once there, click on the “Download Now” button and wait until the download is finished.

When you have successfully downloaded the program, you can use it to open these types of files and view the information stored in them. In any case, you should keep in mind that you can choose to upgrade Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile which is compatible with Nokia devices.

NBF and NVIDIA files

The NVIDIA company is known for manufacturing some of the best graphics cards on the market, being present in many computers. Given this, it should be clarified that, to correctly use devices of this style, it is necessary to install a PCI device driver in Windows .

Taking into account the above, it is necessary to indicate that the software belonging to NVIDIA graphics cards also uses files with the NBF extension . In this case, these documents contain information related to the application and cannot be opened by the user.

In the event that you find files of this type and you do not have a Nokia brand cell phone, it is very possible that they belong to your graphics software. If so, we recommend that you leave the files intact and do not delete them , as this could cause instability problems.


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