How to open a file in PNG format

The files in PNG format cannot be opened on any device, since they require a viewer that can reproduce this format , otherwise it will only show the message “image not supported”.

In mid-range and high-end mobile devices you can view these files without problems, but for those who have an old image viewer it will not be possible . On the contrary that in the PC, since thus you have a PC with few resources, you will always be able to see these types of files.

Even if you like an image from a Web page, you can take a screenshot of it in order to save the clipboard image in PNG format , then to open a PNG file without errors or difficulties, you must have an image viewer that support this format.

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  1. What do I need to know about a PNG format?
  2. How to view a PNG file on a mobile device?
    1. With the default image viewer
    2. Downloading an external application
  3. How to view a PNG file on a computer?
    1. For Windows systems
    2. For macOS computers

What do I need to know about a PNG format?

You must know what PNG means “Portable Graphics Format” or also “Portable Graphics Format”, when it comes to PNG images there are two types of images already complete, such as photographs or illustrations that are of course PNG format.

But also as the name implies, there are those portable images that are formed by layers, in order to be used for graphic design. That is, they work as a Sticker or stickers within an image, and these are portable.

Those files or images in PNG format formed by layers, have the advantage of not having copyright , since they are tools for graphic design programs, for example if you need to create the graphic design of your Blog you must use programs, and these are more easy to use with PNG type images.

How to view a PNG file on a mobile device?

There are two ways to view a PNG file from a mobile device , of course each cell phone brings with it a photo viewer, if you can see a PNG file from it, perfect! otherwise you will need to download one from the app store. So to view your PNG file with these two methods you must:

With the default image viewer

Better known as “Gallery” , every mobile device has an addition to its system:

  1. Enter the application drawer.
  2. Open your “gallery”.
  3. Click on the PNG file and you’re done.

You should know that if you cannot view your file, then it is not compatible with your image viewer , in this case you must obtain one external to the default of the mobile.

Downloading an external application

Go to the latest version of the Play Store if you use Android or in the App Store if you have an iOS mobile, and download a photo viewer , those that are manufactured by the best-known companies such as Google are recommended. That is to say, the Google Photos image viewer.

With this image viewer you can open PNG files without difficulties and the best thing is, you can transfer photos from Google Photos to your gallery , among many other functions.

How to view a PNG file on a computer?

Every computer can view PNG files , from its basic image viewer, or with tools incorporated into the operating system, such as Paint on Windows or the viewer on MacOS, the best thing is that to view these files you must follow a few simple steps:

For Windows systems

Regardless of whether you use Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, or whatever version the procedure is the same, if you have not manually programmed the opening of a PNG file, then the Windows photo viewer will be used or what you know as “Preview”, then:

  1. Open your file explorer.
  2. Locate your PNG file.
  3. Double click on it and you’re done

For macOS computers

On mac computers the procedure is the same, just locate your file and double-click it , of course there are also drawing or design programs that will facilitate the opening of the file, including editing, modifying and creating it. Programs like:

  • Apple preview
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Safari
  • Adobe Illustrator


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