How to easily fix error E71 on an Xbox 360

The E71 error is an infrequent problem for Xbox 360 console users. However, when this error occurs, a simple solution can be carried out. We recommend reading this article with which you will learn how to solve the error E71 on an Xbox 360 easily

What is the E71 error?

“E71” is the code that refers to an error issued by the Xbox 360 console when a failed update occurs . In fact, this failure commonly arises when we do not know what to do if the Xbox was turned off during an update . Therefore, the error prevents the console from working properly.

Why does the E71 error occur?

Generally, the E71 error is related to applications that contain updates. The cause of the error refers to a glitch in the Xam.xex file that fails to load on the main screen correctly.

When the E71 error occurs, the Xbox 360 console displays a flashing red light and the message “E71” appears on the screen, instructing the user to contact the Microsoft support team. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid subsequent errors after updating your Xbox by USB without internet .

How to easily fix error E71 on an Xbox 360

To solve the E71 error on an Xbox 360 without complications, it is convenient that you follow each of the steps that we explain below .

Get the E71 error code

The E71 error is often associated with the code “1013” . If you want to check this code, press the “Synchronization” button (near the power button) and simultaneously press the disc (DVD) eject button.

This process will show you the first digit associated with the E71 error. While holding the “sync” button, press the eject button again and you will have the second digit. Repeat the process until you get the fourth digit.

Restore your console to fix error E71 on your Xbox 360

The E71 error on the Xbox 360 could be corrected very easily through a restoration of the same. Therefore, the console would go back to the factory settings.

To do this procedure, you must turn on your Xbox 360 without inserting any disc in the tray. Enter the system settings and choose the console settings. Press the buttons “left and right trigger”, “X”, “Y”, “left and right bumper”, “Y”, “up”, “left”, up. Repeat the combination as many times as necessary until it works.

Format your Xbox 360 hard drive

One of the most effective ways to fix the E71 error is to format the Xbox 360 hard drive . If you decide to follow this step, you should take into account that the formatting process will erase all the data that has been stored on the unit.

To format the disk, access the console without having inserted any disk in the tray. Locate the section of the system that you will find in the main tray and the memory tab so that you can see the storage devices. Choose the hard drive and press the “Y” button. Then choose “Format” and “Yes” from the device options.

Reset the console to fix error E71 on Xbox 360

Another simple option to correct error 71 on Xbox 360 is to reset or reset the Xbox to factory settings . To do this, turn off the unit and press the “sync” button that is used to add a wireless network controller. Hold down this button while turning on the console and wait while the platform fully boots up.

Visit to specialized technical staff

In case you cannot solve the problem on your own, we recommend that you take your Xbox 360 console to a repair service with specialized technical personnel. Sometimes, the only way to fix the E71 error requires the application of advanced procedures to properly correct this fault.

Inform the technical staff that you have tried to repair the error by resetting the console, restoring the console, and formatting the hard drive so that the repair team can address the problem in a timely manner.


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