How to convert a PDF file to ePub format with web pages and programs?

Have you heard of the ePub format? It is likely that you do not know it or have little information about it. It is an alternative to PDF files that is becoming popular, since it allows you to customize the information , either modify the size of the font, margins, etc.

Carrying out the conversion process from PDF to ePub is a simple task, just by entering your trusted browser and doing a search for converter pages, you already have a good part of the journey.


How to Convert a PDF File to ePub Format with Websites and Programs?

The only thing that would remain is to upload the document and wait for it to transform, in addition there is also a huge variety of pages from where you can download free electronic books .

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  1. What are the best free online pages to convert PDF to ePub?
    1. Nimbooks
    2. Online ePub converter
    3. To ePub
  2. How to use the Caliber program to convert PDF documents to ePub?
  3. What other formats are available in Caliber to convert books?
    1. MOBI and AZW3

What are the best free online pages to convert PDF to ePub?

There are many websites that handle the switch to ePub, but if you don’t want to waste time searching, here are some of the most popular sites  you’ll find:


It allows the user to store e-books, classify them, as well as create lists in your own virtual library, you can also edit the information, add synopsis and rate the content. This allows a more personalized user experience when reading the document.

Online ePub converter

Online ePub converter Gives you the opportunity to convert PDF files quickly and easily, without many complications. You just have to import the document and convert it, and then save it in the folder of your choice on your computer.

To ePub

This page, in addition to converting to ePub, gives you other format options such as FB2, MOBI or AZW3 . The person can upload up to a total of 20 documents, not bad for a free and easy-to-use option.

In addition to these web pages, there are other options aimed at particular operating systems such as Mac or Windows , however, there is software which will make your life easier in the field of reading digital documents.

How to use the Caliber program to convert PDF documents to ePub?

There are many pages that can convert PDF files to other formats for editing.  But today we want to talk to you specifically about the advantages you will have if you do it from Calibre.

Caliber is a free downloadable computer program available for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems, among others, that is used for those who love reading electronic books. This alternative allows the user to organize the collection of books that you have on your device , It is characterized by having a simple interface , and it has a toolbar that allows you to import the books you want.

In addition to these features, it allows you to add relevant information about the book you want to read, such as the name of the author, the number of pages it has, the publisher to which it belongs, and so on.

It has a converter in which you can convert documents from PDF to ePub just by selecting the ‘Add book’ option and ‘Convert books’. In this way you will be enjoying the digital material from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Once you use this program you will notice that the books that are on your computer will no longer be scattered and disordered on the desktop or folders, but now they will be organized , as if it were a physical library, allowing you to save space on your computer. HDD.

What other formats are available in Caliber to convert books?

Caliber can not only convert documents to ePub, it also handles other formats such as MOBI, AZW3 , among others, these three being the most famous on the market.


For those who do not know the MOBI format, we can say that it also allows the edition of e-books , it also serves to handle files with fixed content, similar to PDF, with the difference that it can be adapted to any screen size as if it were try ePub. The only notable difference is that this format is typically used to upload books to the Amazon platform.

On the other hand, AZW3 format is an extension that is part of Kindle 8 , and it was recently created by Amazon company, you can send these books to your Amazon device to read them without any problem.

As you may have noticed, the formats for reading books and digital documents have evolved significantly, allowing the user to have more format options beyond the classic and pioneering PDF.

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