How to save a Word file in PDF format directly and without programs

Technology is advancing rapidly in ways that help people to be hands-on in everyday activities or topics related to learning. Today more than ever computer programs are part of the daily life of students of any subject or level. For this, Microsoft offers a number of programs with tools for different activities, such as Power Point, Excel, Publisher, and the most used Word.

Microsoft Word is a program designed to write texts, create tables, tables of contents, and documents in general. For a person who does written works or books, and needs to print his files in an efficient way without any word or shape moving.

For this it is convenient to save the documents in PDF mode and then print them. This in order to avoid moving any word or image within the document and may affect the order of the file.

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  1. What should you do to save your Word as PDF from the Windows program?
    1. exporting the file
    2. ‘Save as’
  2. What is the procedure to change the format when using the mobile phone?
  3. How to change a Word text document from Google Drive to PDF online?



What should you do to save your Word as PDF from the Windows program?

The Word operating system currently offers many benefits that help the user to work comfortably and easily, since when working with charts, graphs, tables, formulas, and even collages can be done in Word , the program tends to unbalance the margins when the file is saved.

Previously, you had to resort to programs on the net to do a Word to PDF conversion . But Word already gives options on how to save the documents so as not to go to external programs, but rather to perform this task directly from the program. It can be done through the following commands:



exporting the file

Once the document that has been written is finished, look for the File menu where a list of options is displayed, including saving and sending, click on it and a window will appear. Then you select the option  ‘create PDF/XPS document’  the document can be exported.

Now, if you have a more up-to-date version of Word , in the file menu you will directly find the ‘export’ option. It is only necessary to press this option and continue with the same process of the previous option.

‘Save as’

This is the most direct option to save your Word documents and convert them to PDF . So once your document is ready to print or email, you look in the file menu for the ‘save as’ option.



Then a new window will appear that will ask for the file name and below in a drop-down list you can choose the type of file in which you can save the document. You choose the PDF option and press save , the file will immediately open in a program that you have installed to view documents in this format.

What is the procedure to change the format when using the mobile phone?

When you are creating a Word file from your mobile and you want to convert it to PDF, it can be done directly from your phone. In most mobiles the main way to convert to PDF is through the print menu.

From this menu it will appear to save in PDF , then we click on it and a list will open, among the options is ‘save’. Just click on this word and the document will be saved in PDF. It is important to note that the file can not only be in Word but also that this action can be done from Power Point, Excel and others.

How to change a Word text document from Google Drive to PDF online?

Google Drive is an alternative that is offered to the user so that they do not congest their PC or mobile memory , but can save documents or files in the cloud. This program has been very useful, since you can count on a completely virtual storage.

If you want to convert a Word file located in Google Drive to PDF, it is possible in a simple way, the first thing to do is enter the cloud program and select the file that you want to convert to PDF . This file is then opened in Word, and the steps given above are followed through the ‘save as’ or ‘export’ options.


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