How .zip files or compressed file format work

To save space on the hard disk or send attachments by email that have a lower weight so that their load can be valid or faster, but that can return to its original state without affecting the information is possible when a file is compressed a .rar extension or ZIP file.

That way you can increase the efficiency of your computer if you have a storage with too many files, since the files will become smaller in storage size, but they will keep the same information for when you need them; ideal for backup backups, where large data files are stored.

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  1. What are files with a zip extension and what is its exact definition?
    1. How .zip files or compressed file format work
  2. What programs open a ZIP to unzip files for free?
    1. Open a file with a .zip extension on computers
    2. How to unzip a .zip file on Android or iPhone mobiles
  3. Why can’t I open a zip file? Effective solution
  4. How to make or create a compressed .zip file in a simple way

What are files with a zip extension and what is its exact definition?

A file with a ZIP extension is a format used to compress one or more files in a single location or a smaller file that is easy to transfer to another destination due to its weight.

However, when you have a folder full of many photographs, perhaps memories or work and you want to send it by email or by some removable medium from your PC, the ideal would be to compress the files in a .rar extension so that that way you can attach in a single file the large number of photographs you may have; now when the other person wants to see the information they will only have to unzip it and they will have all the images in their original format without losing quality.

How .zip files or compressed file format work

The function of a .ZIP file is to encode the information you put in there in fewer bits, so that in this way the size is very smaller, despite the number of files it may have stored there, that is, if you have one Photos folder that weighs 1 GB when compressed, all the photos are put together in a single file that weighs 50% less and even more, but when decompressed the file returns to its original weight in GB without losing quality or presenting an error .

What programs open a ZIP to unzip files for free?

Most devices come with a default program that helps them compress or decompress a .ZIP file, however, there are many that do not; So next we will show you the most used programs to open an extension like this for free.

  1. WinZipis the most popular file decompressor in Windows thanks to its compatibility with Microsoft Office and many other applications in the cloud.
  2. BetterZipis a compressor for Mac operating systems, compatible with Photoshop and protects files with master keys.
  3. ZArchiveris available for any Android device from the Google Play Store, to view the content of a ZIP file from your mobile.
  4. WinRARis one of the most famous programs for decompressing files in RAR and .ZIP format since it comes installed by default in Windows.

Open a file with a .zip extension on computers

To open a file with a .zip extension on computers such as Windows or Mac, you must have previously installed an application of your choice to understand the files.

In the case of Windows

First locate the ZIP file you want to unzip on your computer, select it and right-click your mouse, there the Windows options will be displayed. Look for “Extract here” so that it is unzipped in the location where you are, or you can choose “Extract in” to select the folder or location where you want the program to store the files.

In the event that the installed program does not give you that option within the menu, you can first open the program and by searching for the location of your file and then looking for the “Unzip” option.

In the case of Mac

Find the .ZIP file you want to unzip in the Finder on your Mac, then double-click on the file to start the extraction and the original folder with the content that was compressed will automatically appear instead of the .zip file.

How to unzip a .zip file on Android or iPhone mobiles

To open a ZIP or RAR file on Android you need to download an application that allows you to do so, such as the aforementioned ZArchiver or AndroZip . From the application you can follow the instructions for unpacking the file.

To open a Zip file on your iPhone or iOS devices, you must open the “Files” app and look for the file, select it and the folder with the original files will automatically be created.

Why can’t I open a zip file? Effective solution

One of the reasons why you cannot open your compressed file is because perhaps if your file comes from a browser download it may have been completed incorrectly, so when you try to open it the program cannot find all the necessary decoding to open it, this may occur due to a bad internet connection . So try to download it again.

Another reason may be that when you were compressing the file the first time, it may be due to a malfunction of the computer or that it shuts down, it can damage the compression process.

Likewise, if by mistake you have modified the file extension, you will not be able to open it, or if it has been infected with a virus.

How to make or create a compressed .zip file in a simple way

If you want to compress a file, you just have to search for it, select it by right clicking on the mouse button, in the menu select “Send to”> “Compressed Folder (ZIP)” , and it will automatically be compressed into a new folder with the same name, which you can change late


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