How to make a door in Minecraft

Minecraft is a very dynamic game, where we can make all kinds of structures . However, one of the most common things is to play it in multiplayer , on servers where there are many people. This makes it necessary for us to hide our valuables and for this reason, here we will show you how you can make all kinds of doors in Minecraft.

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  1. Recipe for crafting a simple door from scratch
  2. How do you create an automatic door for Minecraft?
  3. How to make my door lift?
  4. How to make a secret door?
  5. Learn how to put a password on your door so that no one enters

Recipe for crafting a simple door from scratch

To create a door in Minecraft there are two main recipes, one for wooden doors and one for metal doors. For the recipes, what we will have to do is first look for wood or metal, wood is found in the world as it is and we do not need anything special to obtain it. On the other hand, if we want to obtain metal we will have to lower some layers in the world and also have a stone peak.

Specifically we will need six wooden blocks or six iron ingots, remember that you can get it with the help of friends . When we have them we will have to open our crafting table . Once there we will imagine that each space is a number on a numeric keyboard, so we will fill in all the blocks excluding 7, 4 and 1. This will result in a door and it will only depend on what material you will use for the type of door that will come out.

How do you create an automatic door for Minecraft?

To design an automatic door, what we will have to do is make our house and then a common door. This can be done both in the Nether and in the Overworld , when we have this what we will have to manufacture will be two pressure plates, these can be made of various materials, so we will simply make them of stone or wood.

To make them we will have to place two stone blocks on the crafting table next to each other horizontally. We will do this a couple of times and then we will place them in front of and behind our front door. With this approach, it will open and close automatically.

How to make my door lift?

The first thing we will have to do is make a square of seven blocks by eight blocks and that in turn has a depth of about six blocks.

Then let’s go to the bottom and place three blocks from right to left in the exact place where we want the door to be. There must be three blocks in a horizontal position , just above these we will place three sticky pistons looking up and on top of these we can three more but normal pistons.

When we do this, it will be time to place three blocks of gravel on each of the pistons, looking up, in such a way that a 3×3 of gravel remains on the pistons. Then we will have to place fences exactly the same as how we placed the gravel blocks, so that they make another 3×3. Now, we will have to fill in the outline of the tower with any block, covering the sides of the fences as well.

This includes the fences above and also in front of and behind the fences, but only the outline without covering the fences. To finish we will have to make the electrical system with redstone and repeaters.

The repeaters will go at the height of the sticky piston, so we will have to put a block behind to place them we will do a 3×2 just behind the pistons, but these blocks will go horizontally so they will only have one block high . We will place the three repeaters and behind three touches of redstone.

Then we will make a rise for the redstone until it is one block higher than the normal pistons and there we will do the same construction below. Then, we will place a button, but this will go on a block that is one block high from the ground, and it will be placed right next to the fences.

How to make a secret door?

To make a secret door we will have to make use of some sticky pistons, the simplest version of these doors does not need much redstone or an observer.

To begin what we will have to do is to cut a section of about four blocks to the left of our door. With a depth of two blocks, when doing this we will place two sticky pistons facing where our door will be and next to it we will place two blocks, which will hide our door. Behind the pistons we will remove a block and place redstone wire for each piston.

Then, we will cover the redstone with a block and place a button, now it only remains to cover the mechanism and use it. Pressing the button will close our door and we can change the button for a lever if we want it to remain open. This door is completely compatible with a complete house , so we will only have to get used to the terrain.

Learn how to put a password on your door so that no one enters

Although this sounds strange to some, it is possible to make our door and also place a keyboard to enter a password . Also, this is possible without using any kind of mod, so we will only need the vanilla game to do it.

The first thing we will have to do is enter any world . When we are in one of the worlds we will have to put ourselves in creative mode, writing the command ‘/ gamemode creative’. Next we will have to give ourselves a command block, this we will do with the command / give @p minecraft: command_block.

Once we have it, we must put it in the world to enter the command of the door. This command is the following : ‘summon falling_block ~ ~ 1 ~’ then we will hit ‘always active’ within the command block.

By doing this, a fairly large structure will appear where two buttons will appear. One to destroy the structure and the other to give us the door, by clicking we will be given an egg, which will be the spawn of the door and we can put it anywhere in the world.

Once the door is on the world, to put a password it will be enough to right-click on it and then right-click each of the spaces that we want. For this we will have nine blocks that represent the numbers from one to nine. Finally the password will be created and we can use it.

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