How to Bold, Italic and Underline on Instagram

Since its departure, Instagram has been a social network that seeks to show the personality of each user . This through photos, videos and stories with music , for this reason in many cases it is annoying not having several fonts within the app. So we resort to using the default ones or using third-party pages.

For this reason, here we will teach you how you can use bold, italics and even write strikethrough text on Instagram? This will make your post look much more unique and dedicated.

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  1. Where can I use the different fonts on Instagram?
  2. How can I edit the typography of my texts on Instagram?
    1. In bold
    2. Italics
    3. Strikethrough
  3. What is the best online tool to modify the typography of Instagram?
    1. Fonts For Instagram
    2. Cool symbol
    3. Stylish Text

Where can I use the different fonts on Instagram?

Customizing the text on Instagram is like using filters on our photos , these customizations serve to give our content a different touch . Based on this we say that the most common places to use the different fonts are the ones that our followers see the most.

These places are our profile, the description of a photo, the text that we use in a story. Also if we combine the filters with alternative texts we can get a very striking and unique image.

How can I edit the typography of my texts on Instagram?

To edit the typography, Instagram offers us a series of quite useful but simple tools . These are the modifications to highlight the written text such as bold, italic letters and the strikethrough of sentences.

In bold

The bold are one of the preferred options of the users of this social network and placing them in the texts is similar to how it is done in other social networks such as Telegram . What this modification is looking for is to highlight and make the text we are writing more striking, it is generally used in some words and to write them we will have to put an asterisk at the beginning and end of the text. For example, if we type * Where’s my salad? *, The text will automatically appear in bold .


Another quite common customization is that of the cursive letter , this one, like the previous one, seeks to highlight the text. Using it is very simple because you will only have to write an underscore at the beginning and end of the writing or the word .

In the same way as we would do for the bold but changing the asterisk for an underscore. For example _I invite you to follow the content of Discover how to do it_, by doing this the whole sentence will appear in italics .


Finally, we can personalize our texts using strikethrough , as the name suggests the text is struck out , so it will have a different view. To write in this way we will have to use tillers (~), and we will have to use them in the same way as in the previous examples.

What is the best online tool to modify the typography of Instagram?

Because Instagram has not implemented a way to modify the font within its app, several pages have been created to achieve this.

Among these there are three very famous with which you can edit your texts to upload on Instagram.

Fonts For Instagram

Fonts For Instagram is a web page that allows us to write sentences with an alternative font. Its operation is very simple where we will simply have to write our text in the text field on the left and on the right we will find all kinds of results with various fonts.

To use them we will only have to copy and paste them in our publication . Visually it is a fairly simple site, but its operation is very intuitive so we should not have problems.

Cool symbol

Cool Symbol is a fairly large website where we will find a surprising list of symbols and font styles that we can use for our Instagram. Its operation consists of marking the letter or symbol that you want to write until you finish a complete sentence . This will be written when you click on them in a text field that is at the beginning of the page.

It also offers the opportunity to copy the symbols individually to your clipboard , and the site is very clear and tells you that you can paste it anywhere.

Stylish Text

Stilist Text Generator works exactly the same as Fonts For Instagram and its web page is graphically the same. What makes this website different is that the font styles it uses are different, so you will have more opportunity for customization in case the font styles are not enough for you.

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