How to open the ocean door in Moonglow Bay

The mystery of Moonglow Bay’s history intensifies throughout the game, and in no time you’ll be tasked with finding your way past a massive gate that encloses an entirely new area to fish and explore. Here’s how to open the ocean door to Moonglow Bay.

How to open the ocean door in Moonglow Bay

As you cruise directly east of Moonglow Bay, you will come across a large closed gate blocking the fishing grounds beyond. It’s a key part of the city’s history and the main story of the game, and you won’t be able to progress until you find a way around it.

First, you will need to find the key that actually opens the door, which is part of a quest line that is unlocked once you repair the library. From there, it’s a matter of heading northeast to the Open Chill area of ​​the map and fishing it off one of the floating icebergs. You can see its location above.

This is the easy part. But opening the door isn’t just about locating its location and finding the key. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t do a great job of highlighting exactly what you’re supposed to do. Well, even though you have the key in your hand and the lock is apparently right in front of you, it doesn’t open the ocean door from the side facing you.

Instead, you will need to take your little canoe, move to the rear, and open it to the other side. This involves navigating small, fast-flowing rivers in the hot basin region of the map, which is a little north of the gate.

You should have unlocked the canoe as part of a previous mission. To use it, simply walk across the deck of your fishing boat and towards its bow. You should see a message to launch your pot. From there, navigate one of the small coves and follow the maze of rapid rivers until you have crossed the Ocean Gate. You can then interact and open it.This should be all you need to know how to open the ocean door to Moonglow Bay.

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