How to open Helios’s locked door in Returnal t

After seeing Selene’s ship, the Helios, crash in the opening cutscene of Returnal, players will find themselves exploring the world of Atropos. Whenever they die on the planet, they reappear at the Helios crash site. There isn’t much on the ship that players are interested in, but there is a mysterious closed red door in Helios that you will definitely want to enter. Here’s how to open Helios’s locked door in Returnal to access the cargo bay .

Opening the closed door of the Helios in return.

To open Helios’s locked door in Returnal, you must win the final boss fight against Ophion in the Sunken Depths from Act 2. This requires players to have made it through all six biomes in the game, beating each of the boss fights. that take place. at the end of each.

Once you’ve done that and viewed the credits, you’ll be able to return to the Helios and open the locked red door, which will give you access to the ship’s cargo bay.

What’s inside the cargo hold?

Cargo Bay has an item that allows you to switch between the two sets of biomes in the game (separated in Act 1 and Act 2 respectively) at your choice.

This is especially useful for collecting Sunface Shards in Returnal’s Act 3, giving you access to the true endgame.

It also means that you can quickly browse and find any xenoglyphs that have been missed in your previous careers, or just replay the boss fights that you especially enjoyed. You’re masochistic.

That’s all you need to know to open the closed red door in Helios in Returnal . If you’re looking for more tips, tricks, or other general information to help you survive life on Atropos, head over to our wiki guide.


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