how to kill minecraft witches

Minecraft witches are one of the rarest hostile mobs you will find in the sprawling blocky world. While they don’t appear as often, they can do light work on your health bar when they do, and they’re incredibly difficult to kill thanks to their penchant for potions. In this guide we will show you how to easily kill witches in Minecraft , so that you can get your building back in blocks.

All Minecraft witch potions

The witches have eight different potions that they will use in battle. There are four potions that they will use on players to deal damage and weaken you, and four potions that they will use to strengthen and heal themselves. We have listed them below:

Potions used to help witches

  • Fire Resistance Potion– Used when the witch is on fire.
  • Healing Potion– Used when the witch is not in full health.
  • Potion of Quickness– Used when the target is more than 11 blocks away.
  • Water Breathing Potion– Used when your head is in water.

Potions used against you

  • Annoying Potion– Used as the “default” potion to be cast regularly.
  • Poison Potion– Used if a player’s health has eight hearts and they are not poisoned yet.
  • Slowness Potion– Used if the player is eight or more blocks away and does not yet have the slow status effect.
  • Potion of Weakness– Used if the player is within three blocks and does not have the Weakness status effect.

While that leaves many potions to consider in your plan of attack, there is only one that you really need to worry about and that is the healing potion.

How to easily kill Minecraft witches

To easily kill witches in Minecraft, you need to kill him before he can finish drinking his healing potion.

The best method we found for this was to be about 11 blocks away. This encourages the witch to drink her potion in a hurry.

When he starts drinking a potion, run over and hit him. Because it has taken damage, it will start trying to use a healing potion. Keep attacking her with your best weapon and hopefully you’ll kill her before she has time to heal.

We recommend that you continue to use healing potions at all times in case you get in trouble with a witch or any other Minecraft mob, and that you drink milk, as drinking it removes the effects of the potion that the witch throws at you.

That’s all you need to know how to kill witches in minecraft . For more tips and tricks, search for dlprivateserver or see more information about the game below.

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