HAWK: Freedom Squadron Mission 50 (Rubble Boss Kill)

Tactics and Tips for Destroying the Rubble Boss

Table of Contents

Stage 1

At the very beginning of the battle, Rubble will shower the entire battlefield with solid laser beams from five cannons. This attack deals quite significant damage, so try to dodge it as much as possible. There will be corridors for maneuver between the bunches. But sometimes the boss attacks with oblique lines:

Avoid them in advance, otherwise a situation may arise that there will be no passage among the clots. It is better to turn on massive rockets during this stage. When you destroy two cannons, two large ones are activated:

They will shoot at you in a series of three laser bunches, which you just need to dodge. To proceed to the next stage, you have to destroy these cannons. Also at this time, two more weapons are activated:

They shoot one laser bunch – it’s easy to dodge, but one hit deals a lot of damage. To proceed to the second stage, you do not need to destroy them. Better not to pay attention to them at all. They periodically hide and are quite tenacious. These cannons will also shoot you until the end of the boss fight, so be careful.

Stage 2

At this stage, the boss will have the following weapons:

Flare gun

Fires a series of small and fast missiles, as well as several large, slow, but homing missiles. You should dodge missiles as follows:

Central cannons

Attacks with three bullets in the form of cartridges:

Then they turn into two energy balls, connected to each other. Sometimes the same ones will appear in their place, only larger. This attack can be easily avoided by staying at the very bottom of the screen.

Giant cannon

The most dangerous attack at this stage, as it deals huge damage. The giant cannon is constantly watching you and shoots out a large energy bolt. Before the shot, it will light up:

On this basis, you can understand that the cannon is preparing to attack. You can destroy it after you get rid of the rocket launcher and three central cannons.

There will also be all the same hidden guns from the first stage. The boss usually alternates all attacks except for the giant cannon. She can shoot at any time, so watch her closely. She fires about once every 8-10 seconds.

After destroying the giant cannon, you will proceed to the third stage.

Stage 3

Here you need to destroy the main building of the boss. He will attack with the following attacks:

Fan . Spinning cannons shoot small bunches flying in different directions. It’s easy to dodge an attack if you are at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes it attacks in clots in the form of small stripes.

Direct attack with bunches . It attacks in stripes in a straight line. Usually one cannon attack will fly at you. Just step aside and try not to get caught in other obstacles.

And at this stage you will meet with the same hiding guns, if you have not destroyed them earlier. They will be the most dangerous weapons in the boss’s arsenal. Try to dodge them at all costs.

After the destruction of the boss corps, you will be credited with victory.

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