How to get the keys to the shrine in Genshin Impact

The beautiful open world of Teyvat is full of different activities and objectives, but sometimes you will need to have found a specific item before you can participate with them. Here’s how to get the keys to the shrine in Genshin Impact if you’re unsure.

How to get the keys to the shrine in Genshin Impact

Shrine Keys unlocks Shrine Depths, which are small obelisks each containing a luxurious chest filled with loot, such as gear, Primogems, and Adventure XP. There are several scattered around each region of the game.

The method of obtaining the keys to the shrine is not unique: they are given as a reward for completing several different activities in the game. However, most of the time, and especially at the beginning of the game, you will receive them as a reward for completing areas. The Lion Temple and the Wolf Temple, for example, are easy places to take your first steps in Mondstadt.

You will also get Shrine Keys as a reward for completing missions. In Mondstadt, these include missions like New Horizons of Adventure (Archon Quest). You will also get three for reaching Adventure Rank 25.

When you get off at Liyue, the method to get the keys to the shrine follows more or less the same rhythm. You have to clear areas like the Abandoned Ruin and Wayward Path, while quests like Guyun’s Chi and The Lonely Tree will reward you with one each as well.

For a helpful resource to help you locate each area and mission, check out Teyvat’s impressive interactive map.

This should give you a good overview of how to get the keys to the shrine in Genshin Impact. For more helpful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out the dlprivateserver Wiki Guide.

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