Deathloop: How to implement the plan and kill Aleksis

Aleksis is one of the hardest visionaries to kill, not only because he is surrounded by dozens of Eternists willing to protect him, but also because the entire group is masked. So how do you identify it and get it out? Well, here we will explain how to implement the plan and kill Aleksis in Deathloop .

How to implement the plan and kill Aleksis in Deathloop

In fact, we will give you two different options to “Implement the plan”: one that is suitable for the full stealth game and one that will only be stealthy until you eliminate Aleksis.

Implement the plan by turning off the chocolate beer

The first way to implement the plan is to turn off the taps that feed Aleksis’s favorite draft beer. You may have discovered a clue in his club that mentions his love of chocolate beer, and it’s an easy way to identify Aleksis and lead him away from the other Eternalists for a sneaky takedown.

Don’t worry if you haven’t figured out the way, it will work anyway.

To implement the plan using the Chocolate Beer Method, approach Aleksis’s group from the west side of the map. It really helps speed up the process if you have Shift, although it is certainly possible to rely on the double jump. The idea is the huge west side of Updaam and it basically sneaks up behind the party.

There is a large sign on the other side of a canyon that separates Updaam from the facility where Aleksis has his party. There is a very small space that you crawl into, then you go to a back entrance to find their beer cellar.

Once in the basement, take out the two Eternalists, then go down to the basement and carefully disassemble all the trigger cables and the mines that protect the three cranks that control the beer taps. Turn off the middle one, which is labeled Chocolate.

Now it’s just a waiting game. Exit the beer cellar and return to the outer ledge where you entered. Finally, once Aleksis is done rambling on the speaker, he will try to refill his glass and find that the beer has run dry. He will then come to investigate in the basement, and this is where you can wait for him to take it out.

Implement the plan by playing the DJ

The second method of implementing the plan is to identify Aleksis playing his favorite tune. You may have found a clue that suggests it will be possible to “DJ” and get Aleksis out of hiding, but it’s not entirely clear how he’s supposed to do it.

First, you will have to sneak up to the first floor of the club. As with the previous method, it is really very easy if you have Shift because you will be able to go up to the roof of the building and go down. Alternatively, just enter through the back entrance as above and use ether to get to the sound booth. You will know that you have touched the correct area when you see a piano.

Go through the back door and out. Now go back to the door you just passed through and upstairs to locate a window. Jump up and go. Here you will be in Aleksis’s bathroom, where there are two tracks worth watching: The Perfection Document and Egor Unfiltered Tape, Part 2.

Now check the corner of the room next to the bathroom to find a music sample that plays the perfect Aleksis mix. Here’s a sample of music tuned to Aleksis’s “perfect” mix. Remember the numbers listed here (they are different each time you try this mission).

Now is the time to go back to the music sample and enter the same numbers. From there, you can see Aleksis well as he is revealed and take him out from above. Obviously, the entire building will be alerted to your presence afterwards, so be prepared for a quick exit.

That’s all there is to know about how to implement the plan and kill Aleksis in Deathloop . For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out the detailed wiki page for dlprivateserver. You should also see related content below that may be helpful.


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