GTA Online Multiplayer Tips – Kill Quota

Description and features of the multiplayer mode “Kill Quota” (Kill Quota)

Kill Quota is a team-based confrontation mode from GTA Online . In it, players must kill each other with a certain type of weapon.

Features of the mode

Before the start of the match, the host chooses one of four sets of weapons:

  • RPG, minigun, special carbine, heavy revolver, sawed-off shotgun and machete;
  • railgun, army machine gun, musket, heavy sniper rifle, pump action shotgun and brass knuckles;
  • automatic shotgun, short rifle, mini-PP, short grenade launcher, double-barreled shotgun and cue;
  • RPG, railgun, heavy shotgun, improved rifle, armor-piercing pistol and knife.

However, the weapons from the set are not given to the participants immediately, but one by one. At the beginning of each round, players run with the most powerful cannons. Let’s say with an RPG. But the more frags a team gets, the weaker its armament becomes. Rocket launchers are replaced by shotguns, they pass the baton to pistols, and then players remain with melee weapons in their hands.

Interesting fact. Kill Quota is reminiscent of the Gun Game multiplayer mode from the Call of Duty series .

Alright, and you’ve got a revolver

As for the rest, this is an ordinary team deathmatch, although you cannot immediately understand this from the description of Quota. The developers (or is the problem still in the localizers?) Formulated the goal of the regime in a rather strange way: “The team that chooses all the kill quotas wins.” If you don’t understand anything, let’s translate – the team that will be the first to gain a certain number of frags wins (the first to use all six types of weapons in battle). Well, if the round time runs out, the team with the most kills wins.

The mode is designed for 2-16 players, although on some maps the restrictions may be different – 4-12. Participants can split into two, three or four teams.


There are few universal tips for this mode. And the main reason for this is the variety of situations. The more teams there are in the match, the more chaos is happening on the battlefield. These are still running with RPGs, others have already “pumped” to the minigun, and they will soon take a machete in their hands. You have to change tactics all the time. You need to take into account not only your weapons, but also the weapons of the enemy.

Sometimes “weak” types of weapons are even better than powerful ones. Take at least an RPG – getting into the enemy from it is not easy. When one team opens a more convenient weapon, the second runs the risk of running with a grenade launcher until the very end of the round. And all because it is easier to kill a player even with a weak pistol than with a rocket launcher.

Typical everyday life of a well-coordinated team – players with a machete chase a poor fellow with an RPG

At the time of this writing, not very many people were playing Quota. Usually it was possible to collect from 4 to 6 participants and divide them into two teams. In this situation, the following advice will be useful. If you are left with melee weapons in hand, select a lone victim as a team. Run the whole crowd at this enemy and put him to flight. Then, cutting off the corners, catch up with the poor fellow and nail. One hit is enough and your team will win. Accordingly, if the enemy has a melee weapon, stick together. Move back to back and shoot at the approaching enemies. Any blow to you will be fatal for the team, but this is not a cause for panic. If you need to retreat, retreat tactically. Never let you or your comrades sit on the tail.

Another tip. There are two ways to determine how soon the weapon will change:

  • Option 1– watch the indicator in the lower right corner of the screen. It shows the current weapon (yours and the enemy’s), what kind of weapon it is, and how soon it will change to the next one.
  • Option 2– if you notice that electrical discharges have run at the weapon, it means that it will change soon.

Kill Quota is an interesting and moderately popular mode. There are some controversial aspects of balance here, but overall it is fun to play.


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