H1Z1 Guide: King of the Kill, Tips and Tricks

How to dominate and survive on the battlefield of this Battle Royale evolution of H1Z1.

H1Z1: King of the Kill is the evolution of H1Z1 , an early access game that was born as a survival game similar to other alternatives such as DayZ but that, after promoting combat between players on its servers, decided to mutate to a new genre known as Battle Royale .

Important: Map and orientation in H1Z1: King of the Hill

Tips and tricks to win games

First of all, as in any game of this type, let’s clarify one thing: no (legal) cheat is going to make you win a public game , with matchmaking activated. What you do in private games is limited to your criteria and what you know how to do, but that’s a whole world apart.


Landing, preparation

  • After the helicopter jump, find a safe landing zone.
  • You are looking for an area that is not very widebut neither that leaves you “locked in” and forces you to leave through a narrow place. Anyone nearby could see you go out and these are the first places one looks for.
  • Don’t stand still once you land, start moving quickly.

Search for resources

  • As in all good Battle Royale, except in one of the game modes, you start with nothing and you will have to get loot (equipment).
  • If you find a military backpack, take it with you.
  • You should also get footwear, which essentially changes the noise you will make when moving. Be very careful with running if you are not wearing the right shoes.
  • As for weapons, the most popular is the AR15 (which for most is the same as the M4 of a lifetime).

Resist and kill

  • From here, you should get resourceswhenever you can, because crafting is essential in the game.
  • Do not forget that at gas stations there areusually objects, as well as vehicles that you can use to move around.
  • Keep in mind that “hot spots” (gas stations, suspiciously available vehicles, boxes in the middle of something too obvious) are the ideal place to ambush.
  • If you have to heal, use a bandage first before the medicine cabinet. The reason is that if you are bleeding out, you will die before using the medicine cabinet.
  • When you see a plane with supplies appear, do not stay near where the box is going to fall because you will die like a bloody n00b, in the area where the box falls there will also be explosions and they can kill you.
  • If the enemy has not seen you yet, you have a safe shot and you are wearing a helmet, aim for the chest. As a general rule, four direct hits are enough to kill anyone. If you hit the helmet by some kind of chance, all you will do is put it on notice and unless you have practice it will be difficult to chain two headshots in a row.

Game modes

Keep in mind that, regardless of the game mode you choose, they are all in essence a Battle Royale , that is, that everyone begins on equal terms, having to look for life and without having more real advantage than personal ability .

  • Only:The basic game mode with the guidelines explained in the basic mechanics.
  • Duo:Survive by working as a team with a partner and taking on other pairs on the server.
  • Five:Survival by teams of five players each with the usual basic mechanics.
  • Skirmish:Instead of having to search and collect weapons on the field of play, we will start the game with a random weapon with unlimited ammunition. As the number of players decreases, the weapon will be replaced by a new one chosen at random. As always, the last survivor wins the game.
  • Hosted Games:Custom games with rules created by the community on private servers.
  • Events:Special matches organized by the creators of H1Z1 that may have different rules than the usual ones.

H1Z1: King of the Kill Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Minimum requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64bit only)
  • Processor: Intel i5 Quad-Core
  • RAM memory: 6GB
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 or better
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Hard disk: 20 GB of free space.
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • Network: Broadband internet connection.

Recommended Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64bit only)
  • Processor: Intel i5 Quad-Core // AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
  • RAM memory: 8GB
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 // AMD HD 6870 or better
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Hard disk: 20 GB of free space.
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • Network: Broadband internet connection.

H1Z1: King of the Kill – Controls



  • Render distance reduction: {
  • Options menu: ESC
  • Render distance increase:}
  • Open Map: M
  • Aim and mute the player: Control + T
  • Aim and report on the player: Control + R
  • Screenshot: Print Page
  • Toggle camera view: T
  • Full screen: Alt + Enter
  • Inventory: TAB
  • Mouse control: –
  • Mute all: Control + M
  • Enable network statistics: N
  • Activate / deactivate “Do not separate”: G
  • Enable / disable UI: Control + F10
  • Group Voice Chat: Numeric Keypad 1
  • Proximity Voice Chat: Numeric Keypad 4
  • Lower voice volume: Numeric keypad –
  • Mute voices: Enter keypad
  • Voice Volume Up: Numeric Keypad +



  • Medicinal 1: Q
  • Medicinal 2: E
  • Crouch: C
  • Fire: Left button. Mouse
  • Free camera: Alt Left.
  • Inspect weapon: L
  • Interact: F
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Back: S
  • Advance: W
  • Next weapon: Mouse wheel down
  • Previous Weapon: Mouse Wheel Up
  • Lie down: Z
  • Reload: R
  • Zoom / Aim crosshairs: Right mouse button
  • Weapon 1: 1
  • Weapon 2: 2
  • Weapon 3: 3
  • Grips: 4
  • Sprint: Left Shift.
  • Scroll left: A
  • Scroll right: D
  • Activate shoulder camera: Left Ctrl.
  • Change fire mode: X
  • Running car: =


  • Interact:Triangle
  • Crouch / Stand Up:Circle (press)
  • Ground / Stand Up:Circle (hold)
  • Reload:Square
  • Jump:X
  • Movement:left stick
  • Sprint:L3
  • Movement (camera):right stick
  • Use first aid kit:left key of the directional pad
  • Change grenade:right key of the directional pad (press)
  • Open grenade selector:right key of directional pad (hold down)
  • Emote:top key of directional pad
  • Use bandage:lower key of directional pad
  • Change weapon:L1 (press)
  • Open weapon selector L1 (press and hold)
  • Throw grenade:R1 (press)
  • Aim grenade R1 (hold)
  • Use the sights to aim:L2
  • Shoot:R2
  • Map:touchpad
  • Menu:OPTIONS



  • Up / Out:Triangle
  • Start / Stop:Square
  • Change seat:X
  • Movement:left stick
  • Horn:L3
  • First aid:left key of the pad
  • Emote (only on a quad):upper key of the pad
  • Siren (police car only):right key of the pad
  • Turbo:L1
  • Brake / Reverse:R1
  • Handbrake:L2
  • Accelerate:R2
  • Pulse: Left Shift.
  • Seat 1: Control + 1
  • Seat 2: Control + 2
  • Seat 3: Control + 3
  • Seat 4: Control + 4
  • Seat 5: Control + 5
  • Medicinal 1: Q
  • Medicinal 2: E
  • Handbrake: Spacebar
  • Exit the vehicle: F
  • Back: S
  • Advance: W
  • Rotate left: A
  • Rotate right: D
  • Look below: Below
  • Look above: Above
  • Siren: X
  • Headlights: G
  • Horn: J
  • Start / stop motor: K
  • Look left: Left
  • Look right: Right
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