Project Cars 2 guide, tips and tricks

All the tips for mastering the Slightly Mad Studios car simulation game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.Welcome to the complete guide to Project Cars 2. Here we will review the complete list of cars, circuits, compatible steering wheels, game modes and disciplines , in addition to carefully analyzing each adjustment in the settings to get the best performance out of our cars. In the same way, we will give some very useful tips to fully master driving and we will study how the Driver’s License works, a fundamental element if we want to compete online.

Important: These are the compatible steering wheels .

Settings to get the most out of the cars

To get the most out of the cars that we get in the game and that we will use in the tests, we must learn to use the different settings they have.

  • Tires: Choose the compound and pressure that best suit your driving.
  • Brakes: Pressure, balance, opening of the front and rear rider.
  • Chassis: Front, rear downforce and weight distribution.
  • Suspension: Angle of camber, ride height, stiffness index, steering ratio, toe angle and anti-roll bar.
  • Shock absorbers: Top damping, slow compression, slow extension, fast compression, fast extension, compression transition, extension transition.
  • Engine: Fuel charge, Blow pressure, Air restrictor plate, Radiator opening and Engine brake.
  • Gear ratio settings: Final transmission and gear.
  • ECU settings: Final drive and gear adjusted.
  • Differential settings: Coil, DDL by gears, Distribution-power ratio, Distribution-neutral ratio, DDL by clutches, Preload, Clutches, Ramp power and more parameters.

Cars, circuits, disciplines

Project Cars once again includes an extensive list of cars spanning a lot of eras in motorsport history. In addition, it also includes numerous circuits in which to race in tests distributed by disciplines such as Rallycross, Indycar, Gran Turismo, Endurance, Karts, Single-seater, Tourism, Circuit and Road Race .

Tips for playing

In addition, we offer you 10 essential tips to play Project Cars 2 . The game features an innovative weather system called LiveTrack with 16 different weather conditions . To progress through the different game modes it will be necessary to obtain a series of competition licenses .

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