What is Uber Black and what types of cars are they?

Uber is a private taxi service platform. It has become the favorite of users for its comfort and ease of requesting the service, not to mention that regarding the rates it is really cheaper than others. Therefore, you have also heard comments about Uber Black that causes curiosity about what it is and the types of cars they are .

But at this time you will not only know that information but about the editions of Uber that exist, so that the experience in the service of this platform is the best you can have .

What is Uber Black and what types of cars are they, everything you need to know

There are nine types of services that Uber provide, for each of them we get different types of cars and which also have a different meaning as well as different characteristics from the others. To provide the service you need to meet a series of main requirements to provide the service in any of these classifications.


  • Uber requirements to affiliate a car with Uber
  • What is Uber Black and what types of cars are they?

Uber requirements to affiliate a car with Uber

First of all, you must register and meet the requirements that a car must have to provide service to Uber Black, which are the following:

  • The cars must be of a new model and not be older than 10 years.
  • They should always have four doors.
  • Have a double airbagto improve customer safety in addition to having air conditioning.
  • The patent that is requested as a requirement of the car must be white.
  • You must have all the legal papers and a valid driving license.

To become part of Uber as a driving partner , you must also take an exam with very specific qualities, to be part of this great team. When you get the results of the same you will be able to know if you belong or not, to the platform as an Uber driver.

What is Uber Black and what types of cars are they?

As previously mentioned, one of the classifications that the platform has is having the Uber Black service. But what is Uber Black and what types of cars are they? It is something very top and for people who are really demanding with their tastes, although it is not the cheapest service, it is high-end, with respect to their types of cars.

The types of cars that this service has refers to those, they have a maximum security system. Among them the most basic ones such as seat belts, Airbags and even in the rear seats, the car must be four doors, it must have a high-tech air conditioning system and luxury seats.

In this type of car we can also see a technology to the maximum that can be had, probably the rear seats include screens. Usually they are cars of the last year or close to it, they are quite showy ideal for high-ranking executives.

But we also have another qualification that the Uber platform brings some peculiar characteristics about the different cars , they can be:

Uber X

A service that has a possibility that up to 6 people can travel. They are cars that are spacious , so they must have at least 6 seats. Of course, also have a security system.

Uber suv

It is very similar to the Uber black service, the difference is that these are cars that fit with the space characteristics of Uber x but with the necessary luxury. It is necessary that the seats or upholstery be made of leather.


This service meets the specifications of Uber x, however, only drivers who have quite high qualifications better from the platform are accepted .

This they will guarantee, each rating they receive when leaving a passenger and I left good recommendations and comments. They also include those Uber that have more trips made, therefore it means that their service is VIP and they are one of the best on the platform.

These are the ratings of the same Uber platform but that have services used for each type of customer. In this list, realities such as Uber Kids would be missing, for people who travel with children we will also have Uber assist for people with mobility problems , an uber bike that brings a system to be able to place or get in the car at least 3 bicycles and finally uberWAV for people who must carry medical equipment such as wheelchairs.


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