How to reactivate a blocked Uber or Uber Eats account?

Uber is one of the star service applications that many of us use to transport us cheaply and with excellent quality. It is a service that is available in a wide variety of countries, just like its other version for food orders in Uber Eats restaurants. It’s a great way to get around saving some money, for this reason we recommend you download Uber on your Android phone, through Google Play. Although you can also access from any hardware.

How to Recover and Reactivate Uber or Uber Eats Account if it has been Blocked or I have Lost the Password

The problem comes when you are surprised that my Uber account has been closed or permanently blocked. How can it be fixed? Why are you blocked? Let’s see what is the way to recover Uber account and other alternative applications. Among them Uber Eats available for Android, the latter works within those who love ordering in restaurants, and easy access to food.

If you do not know the reasons why the account was blocked or if your account was deactivated, here we will show you the reasons and the solutions to reactivate and eliminate this great problem that some Uber users present.

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  1. Why was my Uber account permanently blocked?
    1. Community rules were broken
    2. Required information not provided
  2. How to unblock an Uber account that was deactivated?
    1. Provide the necessary data
    2. Link Facebook account
    3. Consult Uber technical support

Why was my Uber account permanently blocked?

Being an Uber driver can bring you a lot of economic benefits , which is why we recommend registering for it and knowing all the prerequisites. It is a very interesting extra for many people who use it on a daily basis.

But, like everything in life, there are certain rules that must be followed and both in Uber and in Uber East for food orders in restaurants, they take this very seriously in order to guarantee the quality of the service and thus be able to maintain a good user base.

Therefore, failure to comply with this regulation leads to certain consequences, such as the account being permanently blocked, or it may happen that your account was deactivated as a result of this. If the account is blocked, the only alternative is to communicate directly with them.

You can do them from the official page by opening it on common hardware such as a computer, speak frankly and, if necessary, give them all the data they require to be able to deal with this situation in the best possible way. But from now on we warn you that the chances of recovering an account are quite poor, and even more so if it is permanently blocked.

Community rules were broken

For the proper functioning of the platform, Uber gave drivers certain community rules that they must respect, which benefit users. Where the APP gives the power to the client to demand certain conditions for their convenience and needs. Like, for example, that the Uber comes equipped with a child seat in the case of families, or that they are allowed access to assistance pets or an assistance machine when people with disabilities appear.

The user can claim if the driver of the unit does not respect certain behaviors that are considered negative within the application. So the user will be able to file complaints in their Uber accounts. These types of policies also work in other applications such as Uber Eats, where if your account was deactivated, this could be the consequence of not complying with what was already mentioned, even in some cases leading to the account being permanently blocked.

Required information not provided

If your account was deactivated, another reason why you are blocked happens if this data is not provided within your Uber account. These can be like your email, a phone number, and a real-time photo. That they are necessary for the proper functioning of the application, it is possible that you may have a problem when serving a client in the case of being a driver.

If you use the APP as a user, all the data required by the application is necessary to be able to overcome the control and security of both parties. Keep in mind that not meeting any of these requirements can get your account permanently banned.

How to unblock an Uber account that was deactivated?

There are many reasons why an Uber account can be closed or your account permanently blocked. Similarly, it is very rare for customers to be closed or learn that their account has been deactivated. This is a more common thing to happen with drivers. Unless you are interested in unsubscribing because you did not like the experience.

The problem is, that in case your Uber account is closed and it is permanently blocked. There is no way to unlock or recover it. The only alternative you can consider if your account has been deactivated is to speak directly to Uber support via their email. He explains what is happening and asks about the possibility of getting her back. If you want to do it correctly and reactivate the blocked account, here are some tips.

Provide the necessary data

After downloading from Google Play on your Android phone or after accessing the application from your PC and when creating an Uber account. We have to provide a phone number, also an email and you can link the account to Facebook. These are important data because this is very useful to be able to unlock or recover the account in question.

In case you can’t enter Uber because you don’t remember the data, but you have it linked to Facebook. All you have to do is “Log in with Facebook” and that’s it, you can reactivate it. In this way you can enter your Uber account without even having to enter any kind of data.

Link Facebook account

At the time of downloading the application from Google Play, or if you created your profile from your PC If you did not link your Facebook account. So the alternative you have left is to use email, where they send you the password or the phone number that you linked to the account.

To do this, all you have to do is click on “Recover account” or “Forgot password”. It will take you to a new page where you’ll need to enter the email address or phone number you put in when you signed up for Uber so they can send you a new password. This is the easiest way to unlock or recover an Uber account.

What if I don’t remember any of that information? In that case you are very complicated because it is almost impossible for you to reactivate the Uber account. If the account is blocked, you could send a message to support by opening the official website, which can be opened from your PC, your cell phone or any hardware you use. But it is very rare that for these cases they pay too much attention. The best thing would be to create a new account, which is done much faster, than having to deal and wait for your account to be returned.

Consult Uber technical support

If you are an Uber driver and your account is closed or it is possible that it is permanently blocked. It is most likely due to some kind of problem that you had a passenger who filed a claim or thanks to some process that did not go through. As always, you can contact the platform’s support if you consider it convenient to try to unlock and recover the closed Uber account.

You should keep in mind that they do not usually close the accounts because yes, it is not something normal that happens. So in case this happened to you, it must be due to some serious mistake. In any case, in most cases it ends up being much easier to create a new account and start from scratch, trying not to make the same mistake, than to reactivate one that you have already lost. Thus, you will solve your question: Why are you blocked from Uber? and you will reactivate your account.


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