How Autohero works to buy and sell cars

How Autohero works to buy and sell cars . A complete tutorial to discover all Autohero ‘s buying, selling, financing, trade-in and warranty services .

If you had already read our guides on electric car charging apps and the best car rental apps , you would know very well how functional technology can be in everyday life. In recent years it has been very easy to use dedicated applications or online platforms capable of starting the sale of objects , cars , motorbikes and services even on the same day. Buying or selling a car in recent years is much simpler than in the past, you can rely on classic online ads or turn towards a more professional solution by relying on an agency .

Autohero stands between these two solutions , but what is the well-known car buying and selling platform and how does it work? Today we will see in detail how to make the most of it.


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What Autohero is and how it works

What Autohero is and how it works

If you have never heard of Autohero, it is worth giving it a definition to get a clearer idea of ​​how it can be useful to you. Autohero is nothing more than an online platform where you can buy or sell used cars without having to go to an agency or physical location.

Its operation is truly intuitive: just start your web browser and type to discover the platform’s services, also available on Android and iOS. By clicking on Find your car you will start a search among the many models available and you will then be able to make the payment , establishing a delivery date .

Autohero also has a trade-in service with which you can evaluate and choose the new car model you prefer. In the next lines we will analyze in more detail how to access the trade-in service and above all the one for purchasing a car.

How the Autohero trade-in works

We told you that this website has exchange among its main options, that is, the service that allows you to exchange your current car with one of the cars in the catalogue , applying a single transaction.

The value of your current car is automatically deducted from the final cost , you will then only have to pay the difference.

A system of this type, a bit like those dedicated to insurance, allows you to speed up the buying and selling process and have all the guarantees you want; we recommend you also read our guide on the best online insurance . The operation of the trade-in service is divided into three phases: evaluation , choice and delivery.

  • Valuation : by accessing the dedicated page you can enter the data of your current vehicle, such as make, model and registration, obtaining an estimate of the vehicle’s value.
  • Choice : once the value of the reference model has been determined, you can take a look at the catalog of cars available on Autohero.
  • Delivery : the platform will deduct the cost of your car from that of the new one, confirming the information and proceeding with delivery, even on the same day.

The advantage of a service of this type is to be found not only in a free evaluation of the car , but also in the speed with which the sales process takes place .

How to buy cars on Autohero

How to buy cars on Autohero

Don’t you want to sell your old car and take advantage of the trade-in ? Then Autohero has a section dedicated to those who want to purchase without this method. Let’s see better how to do it and what factors to consider for a possible return.

If you want to buy or take a look at the hero car catalogue , first of all you need to go to the Search section . On this page you can view all the models that can be purchased and make the most of the advanced search bar at the top. If you need to search for a specific model, then type the information in “ Search by make, model or keyword “. Click on the magnifying glass on the right and wait for the results.

You can also apply filters, that is, set the characteristics of the car you are looking for, just click on Filters , immediately below the search bar. We recommend using the Compare option , located below the car photo, to determine the best model.

The Autohero platform allows you to compare the characteristics of two cars on the same web page , making it easier for you to choose between one model or another.

To purchase the car click first on View this car and then on Buy now on the following page. At this point Autohero will ask you to create a personal account or log in with Google or Facebook

After having searched for the car and seen the details, I will be able to book it.

Your car reservation will take place only after completing the 4 verification steps, which include confirming your phone number , uploading your ID documents , answering the verification questions and an identity verification call with an operator .

Once the verification phase is completed, there will be the third step: payment . You can pay in three ways: cash on delivery , trade-in and financing .

  • Cash on delivery : in this case you will have to pay Autohero the full sum in a single amount via instant bank transfer , providing your bank details.
  • Exchange : we have already told you how it works in the previous lines. You value your car and you will deduct the value from the cost of the new car.
  • Financing : in the payment options you can also opt for partial or total financing, the platform will ask you to enter specific data to evaluate whether the payment can be started without problems.

Once you’ve done your research and completed your payment, the next step is the delivery of your new car . Autohero offers three delivery methods :

  1. Physical collection point
  2. Home delivery
  3. Delivery to a specific address

You can ship the vehicle throughout Italy, but the costs for home delivery are 129 euros , for those in fixed points they are 109 euros and finally for collection in the same location as the car you will have to pay 49 euros .

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the car, you can request a return within 21 days from the date of purchase . Autohero guarantees full refunds on your orders.

How financing works on Autohero

One of the most interesting ways to pay for a car on Autohero is financing , very useful if you want to spread the costs over time. The platform specifically offers two types of financing : classic and maxi-instalment . Both solutions require minimum requirements: being of age , being tax resident in Italy , having demonstrable income and having a valid identity document .

  • Classic : with this solution you will have to pay an initial deposit slightly higher than the value of the monthly installments and then periodically pay a fixed installment for the duration of the loan. In this case the terms you can choose vary from 12 to 84 months . The advantage of a classic loan is to be found in the absence of a usually higher final payment .
  • Maxi-instalment : by choosing payment with this method you will pay an initial deposit fixed monthly installments and a higher installment to complete the purchase. Also in this case the duration varies from 12 to 84 months and has the advantage of guaranteeing you much lower fixed monthly installments.

When you make the online payment , Autohero will ask you to enter a digital signature directly from your smartphone or tablet. For further information on Autohero financing, you can read the dedicated section on Car financing .

 How the Autohero warranty works

Buying online requires greater attention to avoid the risk of running into unpleasant problems, Autohero also has two warranty plans when you purchase a vehicle on their website: Basic and Premium .

  • Basic : this warranty is included in all car prices by default and lasts 12 months . Specifically, you will be covered by the basic warranty for one year and 10 thousand km . Engine replacement protection and a full refund on approved work will be included . Repairs are also paid by Autohero.
  • Premium : if you want greater protection, at a cost of 289 euros , you can get this plan. You will have a warranty of 12 , 24 or 36 months and up to 60 thousand km for the three-year solution . All the main parts of the mechanical and electrical system are covered , as well as adding the benefits of the Basic plan.

If you need to cover damage to the engine and transmission , the Basic warranty is sufficient, but if you want to protect yourself from damage to: engine , transmission , steering , brakes , exhaust system , security system , fuel system , electrical system , cooling system and air conditioning system , then you have to opt for the Premium warranty .

To claim the warranty you must contact Autohero , deliver the car to a collection point and wait for the repairs to be completed. For more information you can read the section dedicated to guarantees on the official website.

How to sell cars on Autohero

How to sell cars on Autohero

Autohero services also extend only to the sale of your car , in fact, you can access the official page of the site and proceed to enter the information on the vehicle . Just like the Exchange service, the Sales one also requires an initial evaluation , in order to market it at a competitive price .

However, Autohero is not a website that allows you to publish a private advert and enhance it within the catalogue, its purpose is to purchase your car and resell it directly .

Once you have completed the evaluation and received the SMS or email with the price, you will be able to choose whether to opt for the exchange or for the sale . You will then be able to choose where to deliver the car and the data and conditions will be verified by specialized staff. The offer is valid for 7 days .

How to contact Autohero

The Autohero website has a section dedicated to assistance where you can check the FAQs or chat in real time with an operator by clicking on ” How can I help you ” at the bottom right. Alternatively you can call the number 340 8263066 from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 19:00 or fill out the form on the Contact page .

You can also go personally to the AUTOHERO ITALIA SRL dealership VIA ARDEATINA, 787 – 00178 Rome (RM) .

For comments and reviews on Autohero you can read all the info on Autohero Italia on Trustpilot .

Sit down as an Autohero

The web is full of platforms that allow you to sell or buy a car, even if in most cases you are tied to private ads and guarantees that are less convenient than Autohero . What are the alternatives to consider?

  • Autoscout24 : this is one of the most interesting platforms for selling cars, motorbikes and many other types of transport.
  • Immediately : if you need to sell used cars , it is probably the fastest and most practical solution. Unlike listings for items, the platform charges commissions on car sales.
  • : thanks to a reliable search system you can sell, buy or rent cars with extreme ease.
  • Bolidem : if you want to buy your vehicle from abroad with maximum security, this website could help you leave national borders without running into scams.
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