Importing and Exporting Cars in GTA Online

We bring you a guide with tips and keys to get the most out of the car import and export business in GTA Online. Find out how to make money fast by stealing and selling.


  1. How to become CEO to unlock import and export?
  2. Acquire a vehicle warehouse
  3. How to import (steal) vehicles
  4. Get a Carbobob to make the task easier
  5. Export and sell cars
  6. Tips and tricks for importing and exporting

Of the businesses available in GTA Online , the one that is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative is the import and export of vehicles , which was added to the title in a free update in 2016. However, many novice players don’t know how to get out of it. the maximum performance to the theft and sale of vehicles in multiplayer.

Next in this post we explain everything you need to know to import and export cars and earn quick money ; here you will find the best tips for this business.


How to become CEO to unlock import and export?

The import and export of vehicles is a type of business that is carried out in the Offices that we can buy in our game of GTA Online.

  • This type of business can be purchased from the Dynasty 8 Executive website.
  • If you don’t have one yet, it is best to buy the cheapest one; Maze Bank West, at a cost of $ 1,000,000 .
  • You do not need to personalize the office with extras that will increase its cost, the most basic is worth it, so you can save money on the investment.

Once you have an office, all you have to do is go to it to access the SecuroServ computer , from where you will take the role of CEO or executive president. Here the next step to take is to buy warehouses to start with this type of illicit business.

Acquire a vehicle warehouse

To carry out the import and export of vehicles in GTA Online you have to acquire at least one vehicle warehouse . From the office computer, enter the “Vehicle export” section and you will see a list of warehouses that can be purchased in Los Santos.

  • All warehouses have a maximum capacity of 40 vehicles.
  • The only difference between them is the locationof the warehouse.
  • No warehouse can be improved, nor will it ever be attacked.
  • It is best to buy the cheapest, which is the La Mesa store , for $ 1,500,000 (and leave your style as basic).
  • You can have a total of 5vehicle warehouses at the same time.

How to import (steal) vehicles

When you have already bought a warehouse, access its page from the office computer and click on the button that says “Obtain vehicle” . In this way, you will immediately receive a message on your mobile with indications of the vehicle that you must go to steal.

  • Your office assistant will give you several details before starting the mission:depending on the information he communicates to you, you will know that the mission will be of one type or another.
  • Vehicle thefts can vary:sometimes the car will simply be parked somewhere, other times you will have to steal it in the middle of a race by killing the driver, killing guards who are watching it, and so on.

The basic idea is always the same; go to where the vehicle is, steal it and take it to your warehouse in the city. Keep in mind that if the car is damaged on the way , then the money for repair will be deducted when you get to the warehouse. So it is very important to be careful and avoid bumps or shots.

Get a Carbobob to make the task easier

Vehicle theft becomes much easier if you have a Cargobob at your disposal , a type of aerial vehicle with which you can hook up and transport cars through the air. This will make importing cars much faster and easier , as you will avoid overland journeys where you can be attacked.

  • The Cargobob can be purchased:on the Warstock Cache & Carry website for a total of $ 1,790,000.
  • If you don’t want to spend money on the Cargobob:you can also steal one; there are usually at Los Santos International Airport.

Export and sell cars

After importing a vehicle and storing it in your warehouse, it is time to export it ; that is, sell it to a customer through the Ad-Hawk Autos website . Here comes the part where you will earn money. There are 3 types of cars that you can steal to sell, and depending on their range you will obtain greater benefits:

  • Standard-range car: You makeabout $ 30,000.
  • Mid-range car: You makeabout $ 50,000.
  • Top-of-the-line car: You makeabout $ 80,000.

Export types

When exporting a car, you will have three different models of buyers to sell it. This means that it is your decision to choose who you sell the car to. Each client gives different commissions and asks for specific requirements.

Here below you can check the earnings according to the client and type of car delivered (subtracting the money invested in modifications if necessary).

  • Private Client –No Modification Requirements. You earn $ 15,000 (standard range), $ 25,000 (mid-range), or $ 40,000 (high-end).
  • Distributor customer:requires standard modifications and papers. You earn $ 22,500 (standard range), $ 37,500 (mid-range), or $ 50,000 (high-end).
  • Specialized customer:requires luxury modifications. You earn $ 40,000 (standard range), $ 60,000 (mid-range), or $ 80,000 (high-end).

Whichever customer you are going to sell the car to, the delivery time will always be 15 minutes . Again, if the car is damaged on the way , repair money will be deducted at the end of the mission.

Time to export again

It is worth mentioning that to export a certain amount of time has to pass between the car and the car delivered, which varies according to the range of these. If you carry out these missions with friends, you can export more than one vehicle at the same time (up to a maximum of 4 ), speeding up your earnings.

  • If the exported car is high-end, you will have to wait until 20 minutesto export again.
  • This time is not counted as real time, but as game time(so the minutes have to pass within a session, it does not count if you exit the game).

Tips and tricks for importing and exporting

Here below we leave you a series of tips and recommendations to keep in mind to import and export cars with great success in GTA Online and greater productivity:

  • To avoid that the cars receive damage:we advise you to leave the car out of the way, get out and move away from it to eliminate the enemies that may get out of the way. This way you will save yourself problems.
  • It is better to face enemies than to run away from them:so when you receive the warning that they are going to appear, do what we have told you in the previous step until clearing the waves.
  • If the cops are after you:The best thing you can do is call Lester to remove your search level for $ 600. It is better to do that than to risk damaging the car and losing more money.
  • In case you are playing in a public session:be very careful with other players who may go after you. If they ignore you when you are stealing the car, it is quite likely that they will also ignore it when you go to sell it.
  • To be more likely to always steal high-end cars:the best you can do is store enough standard and medium-range cars in the warehouse, so there will be a lower percentage of them on the streets so that they can be used as an import mission and almost you will always have to steal high-end or mid-range cars.
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