How to get a bunker in GTA Online?

We teach you step by step everything you need to get into the arms trade business in GTA Online through a bunker. Find out how to get supplies and earn money.


  1. How to get a bunker in GTA Online?
  2. How to stock the supply bunker?
  3. Carry out arms trafficking step by step
  4. How to defend the bunker from robberies

The arms trade is a type of business very lucrative in GTA Online , multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V . This illicit business was added to the game with the update of the same name in 2017 and since then, players can carry it out through the underground bunkers around the world.

If you want to know everything you need to carry out arms trafficking successfully in GTA Online and how to earn a lot of money with this method, we will tell you about it below in this post.


How to get a bunker in GTA Online?

First of all, to be able to get fully into the arms trafficking business, the first thing we will need is to acquire an underground bunker . This type of property can be purchased from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website .

  • There are a total of:11 Bunkers for sale in GTA Online.
  • The cheapest of the bunkers is:the one located in Paleto Forest, which costs a total of 1,165,000 dollars (if you have the Criminal Enterprise Started Pack it will be free).
  • The daily rent for a bunker:amounts to $ 9,400.
  • Best Bunkers by Location:Smoke Tree Road Bunker for $ 2,205,000 or Farm Bunker for $ 2,375,000.

In addition, to be able to access arms trafficking in a bunker we must be a VIP or head of an organization or the president of a biker club . In case of having an Office and being a VIP or boss, the organization may be made up of 4 players in total. On the other hand, if we are the president of a Biker Club Headquarters , we can gather up to 8 players .

Remember that bunkers can be upgraded to receive different extensions . Among them, one of the most useful is to buy private accommodation to be able to reappear directly within the property.

How to stock the supply bunker?

After acquiring your first bunker and being contacted by Agent 14 , head to the location to be able to enter it. The character will explain the basic functions of the place. You will then be able to access the Disruption Logistics main computer to start up the bunker by performing a readiness mission .

This mission is simple, you just have to go to a location to pick up a truck with supplies and take it back to the bunker. From then on the bunker will start producing. And here comes the interesting.

From the “Refueling” section you have two options:

  • Steal supplies:you will be given a mission, out of thirteen possible ones, to go in search of supplies (with a maximum time of 30 minutes to complete it).
  • Buy supplies:you can buy the supplies without having to perform a mission, the cost varies depending on what you already have at that time. If you don’t have any, filling the bunker costs $ 75,000.

The bunker can store a total of 100 units of supplies. Each unit is consumed after 84 seconds .

Carry out arms trafficking step by step

Once you have the bunker supply bar up and running, you can use these resources for product research. This is done from the “Personal Management” tab on the computer.

If you want staff to manufacture weapons to trade in, you must assign staff to the production box (or at a minimum tick “both” to work in production at the same time as research).

Each unit of weapon product is created in 10 minutes , so the total product would take about 16-17 hours to complete (if all personnel are working in production and you do not have any upgrades purchased). In the best case, this time could be reduced to 7 minutes per unit.

Sell ​​the weapons

When you have enough product created in your bunker, you can move on to the lucrative part; sell these weapons . This is done from the tab titled “Sell Stocks” on the computer, while in a public session. Here we are given two alternatives :

  • Sell ​​in Blaine County:For selling all the supplies you get $ 700,000 (with all the upgrades).
  • Sell ​​in Los Santos:For selling all the supplies you get $ 1,050,000 (with all the upgrades).

Keep in mind that you will earn a 1% bonus on the final sale price for each player who is in the session and is not part of your Organization or Club. It is highly recommended to carry out cooperative sales to have greater guarantees of success.

When deciding where you want to sell the merchandise, you will receive a sales mission , which has a time limit of 15 to 30 minutes depending on the type of mission. To carry them out, we are given a land vehicle with which we have to go to a place to deliver the weapons (it varies depending on the money you are going to earn from the sale).

  • Dune FAV:15 minutes. You have to deliver the product in 4 locations and, finally, a last location will appear (you have 15 minutes).
  • Insurgent machine-gunned: youhave to deliver the product in 5 locations following an order (you have 30 minutes).
  • Insurgent machine-gunned with protected turret:15 minutes. The Insurgent must be delivered at a single drop point (each player will have a different point, with 15 minutes to complete).
  • Insurgent (with inhibitor):The Insurgent must be delivered at a single drop-off point (you have 15 minutes).
  • Marshall: youhave to deliver the product in 5 locations in mountainous areas (you have 15 minutes).
  • Phantom Wedge:Trailer must be delivered at a single drop-off point (you have 15 minutes).

Bodyguards, partners, or recruits who help you on sales missions will also receive part of the proceeds. If you play as the head of an organization, members win between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 , while the bikers in your gang can win up to $ 35,000 .

Improve weapons production

From the “Buy upgrades” tab of the bunker computer you can purchase these types of upgrades:

  • Equipment Upgrade:For $ 1,155,000, speeds up production and research. Increase the total value of your stocks.
  • Personnel Upgrade:For $ 598,000, speed up production and improve your stock cap.
  • Securityupgrade : For $ 351,000, hire surveillance and guards to protect the bunker from possible attacks.

It is especially useful to acquire equipment and personnel upgrades to increase the speed and quantity of weapons we deal with.

How to defend the bunker from robberies

One last detail to note is that bunkers can be robbed by enemy NPCs . These thefts can happen when we have bunker supplies at more than 50% capacity. If 5 accumulated hours pass in this percentage (10 hours in case of having the improvements), then a defense mission will be activated.

  • These missions consist of going to a point to recover the merchandisethat the enemies have stolen from us.
  • Upon reaching the place you will have to pick up a vehicleto take it back to the bunker with the supplies.
  • This vehicle can be defended by enemies or bombs.
  • If you die performing this mission, all productsare lost .
  • These types of defense missions can also occurwhile in a private session .
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